Welcome to my little webpage. The categories on this page are organized by heading. Feel free to browse them at your leisure.

What's New

  1. Added a Redspot guide in the "Game Guides" section of this page
  2. Added the 2017 Beauty and the Beast as well as the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie to my movies page
  3. Added all four Pirates of the Caribbean movies to my movies page
  4. Added Air, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, and Angels and Demons to my movies page
  5. Added Logan, Morgan and A Dog's Purpose to my movies page
  6. Added Speak Passwords, BGT Lullaby, Speech History Review and the Lambda add-ons to my add-ons page
  7. Finally updated my RSGames page
  8. Added Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest to my movies page
  9. Added Lilo and Stitch 2 and Space Jam to my movies page
  10. Added Air Buddies, Blank Cheque, Flubber, Inspector Gadget 2, Kronk's New Groove, Leroy and Stitch, Mickey's House of Villains, Once Upon a Christmas, Twice upon a Christmas, Mickey's Magical Christmas, Pooh's the Search for Christopher Robin, Mulan 2, Trolls, Passengers, Space Buddies, Stitch! The Movie, Turner and Hooch and What About Bob to my movie page
  11. Added Console Timer and Review Cursor Copier add-ons to my NVDA add-ons page
  12. Added BK2 and BK3 chaos editions as well as Ljudfarmen to my programs page
  13. Updated the Quentin C's playroom page with the Hearts and Zanzibar keystrokes as well as the control+shift+delete and ctrl+shift+q hotkeys
  14. Added the RSGames shortcut keys and information page to the game guides section
  15. Added Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Deadpool, Don't Breathe, Finding Dory, Rogue One, The Lobster, The Secret Life of Pets and Sausage Party to my movies page
  16. Added a crafting guide to Lament MUD on the main page
  17. Added a bunch of comical city names for the state of Oregon and fixed the slapping balloons description in the crazy Party Guide
  18. Added Grodan Gun to the programs page
  19. Added descriptions and corrected some spelling errors on the programs page
  20. Changed the Egg Hunt game link to actually point to the Egg Hunt installer. Oopsie.
  21. Added the mIRC and Mush Client add-ons to my NVDA section
  22. Added Phillip Bennefall's BanterBay and Monkey Manic programs as well as the Q9 English installer to the programs section under their respective headings
  23. Added a bunch of Christmas Specials in the audio files section.

Game Guides

  1. Bokurano Daiboukenn 2 guide (Not yet complete)
  2. Bokurano Daiboukenn 3 Guide (incomplete)
  3. Castaways guide
  4. Castaways 2 Guide (Incomplete)
  5. CoffeeMud Page
  6. Crazy Party Guide
  7. EmpireMUD guide
  8. Godwars2 guide
  9. Lament MUD Guide (incomplete)
  10. Judgement Day Guide (incomplete)
  11. Miriani guide
  12. Prometheus guide
  13. Quentin C's Playroom keystroke information and links
  14. Redspot Guide written by connor142 from the Audiogames website
  15. RSGames Shortcut keys and Documentation Page
  16. Survive the Wild Walkthroughs (under construction)
  17. Wayfar 1444 guide
  18. World of War guide (Mostly complete)

Audio Described Content

  1. Ray Star's descriptive videos for the blind vault 1
  2. Ray Star's descriptive videos for the blind vault 2
  3. Ray Star's descriptive videos for the blind vault 3
  4. My described movie page.

Other Items Hopefully of Interest

  1. Audio Files (Including Read-Alongs for Children)
  2. Comedy Section including audio files and unusual place names
  3. Manuals and How-to guides
  4. PCS games available for download (under construction)
  5. Programs and games that are either hard to find or totally unavailable (under construction)
  6. Emoji and special symbols
  7. Links of interest
  8. MOO related code and databases
  9. NVDA add-ons page
  10. WiseGeek questions I would like to see answered on the site

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. This webpage was last updated on Wednesday, August 09, 2017 and is being brought to you by TD Realms.