Welcome to my little webpage.
This page is mostly converted into Markdown but there might be a few problems here and there that I am working to fix.
The categories on this page are organized by heading. Feel free to browse them at your leisure.

What's New

Game Guides

  1. Bokurano Daiboukenn 2 guide (Not yet complete)
  2. Bokurano Daiboukenn 3 Guide (incomplete)
  3. Castaways guide
  4. Castaways 2 Guide (Incomplete)
  5. CoffeeMud Page
  6. Crazy Party Guide
  7. EmpireMUD guide
  8. Godwars2 guide
  9. Lament MUD Guide (incomplete)
  10. Judgement Day Guide (incomplete)
  11. Miriani guide
  12. Prometheus guide
  13. Quentin C's Playroom keystroke information and links
  14. Redspot Guide written by connor142 from the Audiogames website
  15. RSGames Shortcut keys and Documentation Page
  16. Survive the Wild Walkthroughs (under construction)
  17. Wayfar 1444 guide
  18. World of War guide (Mostly complete)

Audio Described Content

  1. Ray Star's descriptive videos for the blind vault 1
  2. Ray Star's descriptive videos for the blind vault 2
  3. Ray Star's descriptive videos for the blind vault 3
  4. My described movie page.

Other Items Hopefully of Interest

  1. Audio Files (Including Read-Alongs for Children)
  2. Comedy Section including audio files and unusual place names
  3. Manuals and How-to guides
  4. PCS games available for download (under construction)
  5. Programs and games that are either hard to find or totally unavailable (under construction)
  6. Emoji and special symbols
  7. Links of interest
  8. MOO related code and databases
  9. NVDA add-ons page
  10. WiseGeek questions I would like to see answered on the site
  11. Ruth Today (A podcast made in Minnesota featuring the voices of Ruth Koscielak, Kevyn Burger, and James Matheson)

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