World of War is an audio game created by Japanese programmer Yukio Nozawa. It is essentially a Judgement Day clone plus it's free.


You can download the English version of the game here, or download the Japanese version here.

Main Menu

The main menu consists of options which are:
  1. Start game - starts a new game
  2. Bonus game - allows you to play bonus games when you unlock them
  3. Bonus trophy - allows you to view a list of your unlocked trophies
  4. Bonus movie - allows you to watch movies unlocked by completing certain tasks
  5. Score menu - allows you to view your top scores as well as those posted to the internet
  6. Speaker test - allows you to test the configuration of your speaker settup
  7. Quit game - exits the game and places you back in Windows

Keyboard Shortcuts

Move left: left arrow
Move right: right arrow
Move up and down through your list of weapons: up and down arrow
Select machine gun: 1
Select speed machine gun: 2
Select shotgun: 3
Select digital rockets: 4
Select nukes: 5
Fire currently selected weapon: control
Say firing accuracy: a
Say current health: h
Say number of rockets remaining: r
Say number of nukes remaining: n

Trophy List

Following is a list of the various trophies that can be obtained within the game. I will list the accomplishment then follow it with the name of the appropriate trophy if available.

  1. clear level 10 on easy level.
  2. clear level 5 on hard level.
  3. clear level 8 on normal level.
  4. collect all the point trophies.
  5. collect all the trophies in January to December.
  6. collect four seasonal trophies.
  7. complete the game on easy.
  8. complete the game on hard.
  9. complete the game on normal.
  10. die after 20 sets of enemies land.
  11. die after destroying one kind of enemy 111 sets.
  12. die at 5 minutes and 55 seconds.
  13. die within 3 minutes.
  14. keep hitting accuracy of a machine gun or more at 80.
  15. listen to the "hint of trophy three" movie 3 times.
  16. make hitting accuracy 77%.
  17. obtain 1 million or more points.
  18. obtain 2 million or more points.
  19. obtain 3 million or more points.
  20. play bomb escape
  21. play hard level 3 times.
  22. play normal level 5 times.
  23. play rocket shot and acquire 5000 or more points.
  24. play the digital world and acquire 1 million or more points.
  25. play the digital world and acquire 2 million or more points.
  26. play the digital world and acquire 200000 or more points.
  27. play the game 10 times.
  28. play the game 20 times.
  29. play the game 3 times without exiting the game.
  30. play the game 3 times.
  31. play the game in April.
  32. play the game in August.
  33. play the game in December after October.
  34. play the game in February.
  35. play the game in January.
  36. play the game in July.
  37. play the game in June after April.
  38. play the game in June.
  39. play the game in March after January.
  40. play the game in March.
  41. play the game in May.
  42. play the game in November.
  43. play the game in October.
  44. play the game in September after July.
  45. play the game in September.
  46. play the game on Christmas.
  47. play the game on Halloween.
  48. play the game on New Year's Day.
  49. play the sword battle and acquire 30000 or more points.
  50. play the sword battle and acquire 70000 or more points.
  51. receive the attack of a ????? ship.
  52. run the game 10 times.
  53. run the game 20 times.
  54. run the game 3 times.
  55. run the game 7 times.
  56. use 10000 or more shots of machine gun ammunition.
  57. use 5000 or more shots of machine gun ammunition.
  58. use exactly 7777 shots of machine gun ammunition.

Bonus Games

Following is a list of bonus games that can be unlocked. I will list each bonus game under its own subheading and provide additional information including objectives, strategies and other material.

Bonus Movies

Following is a list of bonus movies that can be unlocked. I will list the movie and what the player has to do to unlock it.

Cheat Codes

To use a cheat code, press the delete key while you are playing the game. Afterward, enter the cheat code and press the enter key!

please!: gives you HP
rocket please!: gives you a rocket
nuke please!: gives you a nuke missile
stop all: stops all enemies
move all: moves all enemies
give me any rockets: gives you 1000 rockets
super! duper! wow!: gives you 1000 nuke missiles
yowai! yowai!: increases number of enemies
cho! so hard!: number of enemies will be one.
take me to next level!: goes to next level
I love a sword!: uses a sword
I love guns!: returns to normal guns
hahaha! super nuke!: a nuke will not banish!
thank you!! super nuke!: returns to normal nuke
I got a new gun!: uses the special machine gun
sonar start: starts sonar
sonar stop: stops sonar
select sonar sound: select sounds of sonar
I don't like skyPlane!: jumps to boss level
auto shot on: activates auto shot
auto shot off: deactivates auto shot
watasiwa sinanai!: you don't die forever!


Trophy and cheat code list provided by Yukionozawa.
Web page created and edited by Jeff Rutkowski.

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