My links page Here are some links to other sites that I have found around the web. Feel free to browse around.

Audio game related sites

  1. - the internets go-to page for audio-only games
  2. GMA Games - makers of Lone Wolf, Shades of Doom, and many other titles
  3. VIP Games Zone - makers of Super Tennis, Beach Vollyball, Keyboard Crazy and other titles
  4. BPC Programs - makers of 3d Velocity, Treasure Hunt and other titles
  5. Kitchens Inc Games - Jim Kitchen's little corner of the web featuring many free titles such as Trucker, Monopoly and the Mach One car racing game
  6. Jeremy Kaldobsky's audio games page featuring titles such as Swamp, Dog Who Hates Toast and other titles
  7. Driftwood Games for the visually impaired featuring Entombed
  8. Spoonbill Games featuring many renditions of solitaire and other titles
  9. Audio Games by Cae Jones
  10. Eamon Deluxe - a text adventure game ported from the Apple 2E
  11. RS Games - makers of the free, cross-platform game client featuring titles like Monopoly, Bingo, Farkle and Pig
  12. Braillesoft - Games and utilities for the Freedom Scientific PacMate
  13. Quentin C's Playroom - makers of Farkle, Yahtzee and other titles
  14. Ghorthalon's Dragon - home of Dragon Pong, March Massacre and other titles
  15. Draconis Entertainment - home of the Silver Dollar Saloon and other cross-platform titles

Blindness Related Technology

  1. Freedom Scientific - makers of JAWS for Windows, PacMate notetakers and other products
  2. HIMS Inc - makers of the Braille Sense and Voice Sense notetaker product line
  3. GW Micro - makers of Window Eyes, GWConnect, the GW Socializer and other products
  4. NV Access - makers of NVDA, a free and open source screen reader
  5. Humanware - makers of the Victor Reader and BrailleNote product lines

How-to-geek Article Pages

  1. Linux How-to Articles
  2. Articles concerning Windows XP
  3. Windows 7 How-to Articles
  4. Windows 8 How-to Articles
  5. Firefox and Internet How-to Articles
  6. Virus and Spyware Removal Articles

Humorous Websites

  1. - The Internet's Humor Site
  2. The Darwin Awards
  3. Ultimate Guide to Comedy Resources
  4. Computer Stupidities - a production of RinkWorks
  5. Things People Said - a RinkWorks Production
  6. The Ultimate Bumper Stickers List
  7. The Onion - America's Finest news source
  8. 50 things I learned from the movies
  9. Mirrored list of Oxymoron's from
  10. FML - your everyday life stories
  11. Things to Ponder - the funny pages
  12. Funny & True Stories - Not Always Right
  13. A list of over 1800 English phrases and what they mean
  14. Movie Bloopers, TV Bloopers, Mistakes Goofs and Flubs -

Informational Websites

  1. Addiction Resource - offering information on how to beat addiction
  2. AlcoRehab - offers advice on how to beat alcoholism
  3. WiseGeek - Clear answers for common questions
  4. Wise Bread - Personal Finance and Frugal Living Forums
  5. Vaping and its health effects

Other Software

  1. 7zip, a free file archival tool for Windows and Linux
  2. AddBlock Plus - a free Firefox add-on that stops annoying pop-ups
  3. AkelPad - a free text editor for Windows
  4. Auslogics Software - home of Defragler, Speed Boost and other products
  5. AutoHotkey - a free program allowing you to create your own shortcut keys for performing tasks on a windows machine
  6. Bearware - home of TeamTalk, a free voice chatting system for mac, linux and Windows
  7. Bittorrent Sync - a free alternative to Dropbox
  8. Blio - a free, accessible Ebook reader
  9. CD Burner XP - a free disc burning utility for Windows
  10. CDex - a free CD audio extracter
  11. CPUID - home of CPUZ, a free computer hardware diagnostic tool
  12. DDWRT - a free, feature-packed router firmware alternative
  13. Dimio's Tools - home of DSpeech, DTask Manager and other titles
  14. Eurosoft - home of Calendar Magic among other free software titles
  15. EchoLink - a free PC-based HAM Radio alternative
  16. HFS - a free, easy-to-use HTTP server for your computer
  17. Fideliphone - a free, high quality peer-to-peer voice chatting system
  18. File Hippo - home of the free software update checker
  19. FileZilla - a free FTP solution created by Mozilla
  20. Foobar 2000 - a free and feature-packed media player
  21. Firefox - the free web browser created by Mozilla
  22. Free Download Manager - Completely free download manager and accelerator
  23. Free Video Soft - home of many free programs including Youtube downloaders and audio/video converters
  24. Jarte - a free word processor based on Microsoft's Wordpad engine
  25. Growl for Windows - a free notification center and manager
  26. InstantBird - a free online chat client built from the Mozilla Suite

Programming-Related Sites

  1. AutoIt - a free programing language for Windows

Radio Related Sites

  1. ACB Radio - home of the Main Menu show among others
  2. Teleradio run by Liam Erven - channels such as How It's Made, Ben and Peppa Radio and other stations
  3. The Beyond Radio Network - shows including WDGL FM, Things and Stuff, The Louis Bin and other shows
  4. Unshackled - A Christian Radio program presenting stories from indeviduals finding God in the midst of depression
  5. Radio Reference (mobile site) - find local radio stations with streaming audio
  6. Old Time Radio Researchers Library - featuring many free old time radio programs
  7. Radiosure - a free internet radio player
  8. RaimerSoft's TapinRadio - another free internet radio player

Personal Websites

  1. Erion's Realm - home of many Pure Basic Scripts and a free chat client
  2. The New Hofstader - blogs by Chris Hofstader

Shopping-related Sites

  1. - the world's largest online shopping mall
  2. Maxi Aids - sellers of many products for people with disabilities
  3. Independent Living Aids - a seller of many products that promote independence
  4. Smokes & Spirits - sellers of cheap cigarettes, cigars, chewing Tobacco and other related products
  5. National Federation of the Blind Online store - sellers of products for the blind
  6. ZaReason - sellers of pre-made Linux desktops and laptops
  7. Zbattery - suppliers of bulk batteries for all devices
  8. Dynamic Living - sellers of products for people with disabilities
  9. ThinkGeek - Stuff for Smart Masses
  10. Speak to Me Products - sellers of many talking products
  11. Sam's Club - buy items in bulk either in-store or online
  12. This is Why I'm Broke - the internet's mall
  13. Triumph Technology - resellers of many blindness-related products including notetakers, screen readers and mobile solutions
  14. Sprecher Brewery online gift shop - sellers of their famous root beer and other memorabilia
  15. Online Components - a seller of over 350,000 electronic components for technicians around the world
  16. Mouser Electronics - distributors of electronic components for the technitions among us
  17. MCM Electronics - distributors of electronic devices including audio, computer and video equipment
  18. Kirk's Natural - makers of Kirk's castile soap
  19. Grandpa Brands - makers of the original pine tar soap
  20. Graphic Audio - makers of professionally created audio dramas including westerns, science fiction and others
  21. Future Aids - The Braille Superstore
  22. AmbuTech - sellers of mobility canes for the blind
  23. The Audio Dart Master - an accessible audio dart board
  24. American Printing House for the Blind - Sellers of the Book Port Plus, the Orion ti84+ Talking Calculator and many other blindness-related products
  25. Big Finish Productions - creators of audio books including Stargate and Dr. Who
  26. Berry Coffee - Re-sellers of bulk coffee and other products
  27. StarchTek Inc. - makers of bio-degradable packing peanuts
  28. Hometown Favorites - sellers of nostalgic candy and other products
  29. Cables 2 Go - Sellers of cheap audio/video and computer cables
  30. Capella - makers of flavor drops
  31. Odin Mobile Cell Phones - makers of the Odin VI talking cell phone for the blind
  32. CareTek - resellers of the Zeitgeist talking time machine
  33. - sellers of cheap electronics made in China
  34. Executive Products - sellers of many leather carrying cases for blindness-related products
  35. Fizz Giz - the number one soda maker in the USA
  36. - sellers of DDWRT-based routers for home and business use
  37. Candy Warehouse - sellers of bulk candy
  38. Gertrude Hawk - makers of premium chocolates
  39. Gloria Jean's - makers of premium coffees
  40. Galcos Old World Grocery - sellers of many types of sodas
  41. USB Geek - sellers of many USB Devices
  42. The Ginger People - makers of food and candy containing ginger
  43. The Sound Professionals - sellers of high-end audio equipment
  44. Sodastream - a device that allows you to create your own soda
  45. Shepherd's Choice - makers of specialty yarn as well as all natural personal and cleaning products
  46. Schwan's - sellers of premium ice cream and other products
  47. - sellers of candy, nuts, coffees and cooking products
  48. Marland Products for the visually impaired

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