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Bokurano Daiboukenn 2 is a Japanese action/RPG sidescroller game, developed by Yukionozawa. it's the sequel to Bokurano Daiboukenn. the game has 25 stages, each one with 4 levels, making a total of 100. In this game, you will visit many locations, fight your way through armies of enemies, using a great variety of weapons, facing several traps, and much more.

About this Guide

This guide was put together by Jeff Rutkowski and most of the information contained herein was directly taken from the [BD Walkthrough by Mr Brunete]() and The main BD forum post. I try to leave most of the information intact but do correct a lot of spelling errors and syntax errors where appropriate.


You can download the main game and you can download the English patch to make the game playable.
There is also a Beta file that you can use to update the game


The installation of the game is very simple, but due that the game is in Japanese, it's possible to get errors.
when you press enter on the setup program, the installation process begins. you must select the destination directory in which the game will be installed. in the edit box, I recommend that you assign the installation path. for example, c:bokura2. then press enter. the installation will finish, and you will be able to start the game.
To apply the English patch, simply copy the play_e.exe file into the main Bokurano Daiboukenn directory. If it asks you if you're sure you want to replace the file, answer "yes" since the patch is updated periodically.

setting up TTS

before starting the game, I recommend that you unload your screen reader. after the intro, you will be in the game's main menu. note that you will not hear any voice during this part of the game, until we configure it. move down twice, press enter. you will be in the settings menu. press down 2 times, you will be in the screen reader settings. press enter, and move to the last option, it's SAPI. I recommend that you use SAPI, for me at least, it works fine. if everything was right, SAPI will speak. you can configure rate, volume, and various options there.


*left and right arrows, move character. *up, jump. *enter, interaction. open doors, push objects etc. *control while walking, run. *spacebar, fire currently selected weapon. *a, tells total ammo for the pachinko (long distance weapon) *h, health status. *tab, some short of sub-menu, from there you can select weapons, use items, view the collection of objects, and other things that we will discuss later. *d, view objects in the screen, much like shades of doom. you can see enemies and items alike. *w, weapons menu, from there, you can choose your weapon, but if you don't have one, the cursor will not move. *c, collected objects, I think that this menu is only for viewing some short of items that cannot be used, they are only collectibles, like when you collect figurines or something similar in a mainstream RPG game. *I, items menu, from there you can heal yourself,if you have a curative item. the list of items will be told in the actual Walkthrough. *page up and page down, increase/decrease volume of background music in game.

Note: you don't need to use the tab key for equipping weapons or to use items, simply press the corresponding shortcut.

Before Starting

Keep in mind that this game is an action RPG, without leveling up your health or buying new weapons, you will be destroyed no matter how skillful you are. in stages 3,1 onwards, the game gets difficult, and latter, one hit can kill you instantly. Also keep in mind that you can take advantage of the stage and the enemies. think strategically, sometimes it's good to run, soldiers that leaves war, can fight in another. it's possible that the enemies kills each other if you can set the conditions for it. more on this later. Finally, like in most rpgs, you can replay any completed stages, and surely you will do it, for collecting Gold, for retrieving more ammo for the pachinko, and in stage 6, for a very destructive item.

Items and Shops

One very important thing about this game, in fact, is that you will collect some useful items, for healing, speeding up, etc. when you complete some stages, you will be able to visit the shop of that particular stage, each one with different items. To buy an item or weapon, you must collect gold. Gold is dropped by enemies when you defeat them. I will tell you every item, in the order they appear, and in which stage are the shops.


After you complete a level, you will be able to replay it over and over.
in this way, you can get more Gold and level up before continuing with the game, or in some cases, to accumulate great quantities of very useful items. backtracking is absolutely necessary after stage 2, because the game gets very hard indeed.


The game automatically saves after changing settings, exiting, completing a level, or buying something from the shop, so, don't think of any funny idea of saving wen you want, fortunately this feature is not present.

Main Menu Overview

When you start the game, 4 options will be available.

  1. new game.
  2. load game.
  3. change settings.
  4. quit game.

In new game, you will be asked to select a slot to save your progress. there are 10 in total. after selecting one, you will by prompted to enter your name. enter it, press tab, then enter to confirm it. if you did it right, some kind of typing computer (with a enter key pressed at the end ha ha) will indicate that your game has been saved successfully.

If you select a slot that is not empty, you will get a "overwrite the data?" dialog. the first option, is no, press down to select yes.

In load game, you select the slot that you want to load, then a statistics menu appears, with the current playing time, name of character, etc. you can see a menu there, with some info to view, like weapons, items, settings, etc. nothing really necessary. the first option of this menu is "move to stage selection", from there, you will go directly to ... well, the stage selection!. yeah!!.

Change settings lets you adjust volume and sound effects, and change your TTS engine and configuration.

Quit the game, yes... back into windows.

Note: to quit this nightmare that you are reading, please press alt+f4 or alt+left arrow to go back to the general game discussion.

In-game Menu Overview

While in the game, you can press tab to access a sub-menu. from there, you can select your weapons, view the objects in the screen, your collectible items, etc. this menu is not really necessary for that kind of things, because you can press the corresponding shortcut assigned to each menu. w for weapons, c for collectible items, I for inventory items... but, the magic of this sub-menu lies in one great option, that will be discussed after completing stage 1 of the main Walkthrough.

Main Walkthrough

Good!, I'm impressed if you are here yet, but well, let's get started!.

The Walkthrough will have this format. I will describe what to do in each stage and level, and at the same time, I will give you a link to an mp3 file, of myself playing that particular part of the Walkthrough. The recorded files will not be divided into stages, instead, I will cut the Walkthrough into parts. for example, part 1 contains the first 2 stages, part 2, the first shop, some backtracking, and stage 2. I'm doing it in this way, because I started the game from the beginning, to show you how to pass stages with the tools you have in the first playthrough, and to not miss anything, when you get that weapon? or that item?. I can easily retrieve my data and backtrack to the stages, but don't makes sense. I have a lot of weapons, hp and items, nah, lets do things right.

Stage 0

The first of many stages, but this is only a tutorial. Select new game, the slot to save progress, type your name... some cut scenes will play.

stage 0,1.

You will learn how to interact with objects, just press enter when the ball gets close, to send it the other way(right). OK!. press enter to skip the dialog... Now, it's time for ... more balls.. ok, press enter like crazy until you send them all to the right.

Level completed!.

After this, the game will save, and you will be in the stage selection screen. use up and down arrows to select. first, choose stage (you only have 1) press enter, then, select level. in this case, 0,2.

stage 0,2.

Time to jump baby!. in this level, you will learn how to jump. first of all, there's an item near you in the right side, walk or run to it, but the item is in the air. jump with up arrow, then press enter to grab it.

Now, what is that mad thing?. next part will involve dodging projectile attacks, pay attention to the sound of the machine when it's ready to fire, and jump is attack. you must do it several times to complete this part, just jump from close, middle, far, jump jump jump and of course!, jump. ok, let's move on.

Great, there are 2 of them now, well, don't worry about your health, you can't die.... yet... just jump the shots, after several shots this part will end.

Welcome to madness!!. there are 4 machines now, jump as best as you can, keep moving and jumping, you can't lose so, jump until it finish.

Level completed!.


Continuing with the training, our little hero will use his godly powerful and unbeatable... club? ... mm, pretty ... nice... sure.... this part is much easier than the last one, use space bar to attack the rolling things, they're are several, and finally, a big one that requires more hits.

Level completed!.

stage 0,4.

In the final part of this tutorial, you will do all the previous actions of the past 3 levels. first, hit enter to send that things out, when you finish, a door will appear...

I know that this is the part that all of you where waiting. admit it!!. time to jump... nah, run like crazy, pass that shooting machines and open the door, good bye...

In the next room... yes, more rolling things. attack with the club, destroy all of them and the final door will appear.

Another big thing, but.. it's rolling in the air??. what?. oh .. good.. jump and attack hit from the air, until you destroy it.

stage completed!. You have a new option available. item garage.

item garage.

To access this option, you have to select stage 0 again, and the last option will be "item garage". from there you can store and retrieve items, but , for now, I don't have any real use for it. maybe later?.

Let's move to stage 1!.

stage 1.

This is a mix stage, some fighting at the beginning, and then some preparations, for a journey I think.

stage 1,1.

What we did to these guys?. we don't have a weapon, oh wait wait!. we have or club man, our club!!!. so, we will demonstrate how to do things right now. start by running crazily to the right, fortunately we have a little helper!. the important thing is not to fight, the club is really ridiculous for attacking, but our friend can save us, we only need to run and collect items, and Gold. note that you do not collect any usable object in this stage. keep running from left to right, wait for they to come, then head the other way.

After some time, these enemies will be all defeated by our tiny, noisy friend. After all of them are finished, collect the rest of the items to advance to next level. Note: you can attack your friend, but the club does nothing to him, so, collect the items. Note 2: if you want revenge, do as I say, get a better weapon, come back here, and kill the little thing please... thanks. Now, seriously, this is a good place for backtracking and get some Gold. Level completed!.

stage 1,2.

This level has no difficulty at all, just collect all items and go to the left to complete it. Level completed!.

stage 1,3.

OK, this can be confusing for some people, what you need to do, is get several items from the left room, and put in into the table to the very right room.

Start by heading left, you must open a door. then, continue left, you will hear a lot of items, but you can only carry one at a time. pick up one, go right. you will hear 2 sound, the second rapidly beeping its the table. if you can't find it, its the last object in the very right side of the level. when you put an item, a sound of something being thrown into the table will confirm it. go to the left, grab another item, put it into the table to the right, left again, grab, put, grab, put. until all items on the left are gone. you will complete the level.

Level completed!. New weapons obtained!. Weapon 2#. hammer. The hammer is a good weapon for this part, it's not to slow, and causes a decent amount of damage. well, to this enemies. Weapon 3#. pachinko. The pachinko is a rapid firing long distance weapon, ideal for the next level. it comes with 200 ammo, and you must find more. but keep in mind that it causes minimal amounts of damage, but obviously, it's way more powerful than the club.

Secret Weapons you can Unlock

stage 1,4.: Boss battle!.

Well, you have to fight, there's no option. there are 2 enemies. the boss, an specie of .. close combat vehicle, and in the other side, another of those little noisy things. but this one, attacks with water waves, you must jump to avoid it. but if it is close to you, he will start to cause damage at a fast speed, like our friend to the fighters in stage 1,1. at the same time, it will charge again is water attack. speaking of this attack, after using it, the enemy will be stunned or exhausted for some seconds, so you can attack it or get away.

About the boss itself, it only can attack you from a close distance, it's too easy to kill it. but if you where caught in it's attack, it will hurt my friend. jump to dodge it. after this, let's see some strategy.

Strategy 1). the safest. equip the pachinko, and if possible, stay between the 2 enemies. when you ear the wave of water coming, jump straight  up, and it will pass under you, and hit the vehicle. at the same time, shoot to the boss with all that you got, to weaken it. when you are too close to both enemies, jump over the boss, and continue to attack it from a far. if the enemies are close to each other, it's very possible that the boss hits the little thing, causing good damage. generally, the boss finish the other enemy, making things easier for you.

If you ran out of ammo, equip the hammer, and attack the boss from close. 2 or 3 hits and jump over it, get some distance, and wait for it to came to you. attack again. eventually you will defeat it.

If the little watery enemy survives the boss, you can attack it from a far, or when it gets into stunned mode after the water wave.

Strategy 2). if you want to conserve ammo, simply fight with the hammer, keep trying that these 2 hit each other, and attack 2 or 3 times, then jump. only to the boss. the other enemy its too fast to kill it this way, hit him once, then jump. when it goes into defensive mode, hit it 3 or 4 times, then escape.

Stage completed!!. You now can access the first shop, but we will discuss the shop later, for now.

Yokotanku's Money Making Shop

Bokurano Daiboukenn playthrough part1.

Download the MP3 file here.

Comments. This part covers stages 0 and 1. I played this part very badly in my opinion ha ha, but I will play better next time. I think that it can help new players. any comments will be welcomed.

Thanks for reading!. Updating very soon.

stage 2.

Pachinko mania's shop

stage 3.

Yamizin's laboratory

stage 4.

Heyer City Department Store

stage 5.

Mystery Man's Shop

stage 6.

Akuhaia Institute

stage 7.

Forest Ninja Shop

stage 8.

Weapon Machine

stage 9.

stage 9 shop

stage 10.

Dark Minion

stage 11.

Amunition Machine

stage 12.

Weapon Machine 2

stage 13.


stage 14.

stage 14,4.

Secret Weapons to unlock


stage 15.

Inside the Helicopter

stage 16.

stage 16 shop

stage 17.

stage 17,4.

You can unlock a clone generator. The spirit sword has to be at level 1500.

stage 17 shop

stage 18.

Young Merchant

stage 19.


stage 20.

stage 20,1

The passwords are: openthedoor secondpeoplekillingarea

Final Shop

stage 21.

Bonus Shop 1

stage 22.

Bonus Shop 2

When you elect to leave this shop, there is a sound as if the character has been hit then the question "?? 1:????…" before it lets you exit.

stage 23.

Bonus Shop 3

stage 24.

Bonus Shop 4

stage 25.

Stage 25,3.

The code is "806"

extra stage

laser machine stage

Card Eater

devil planet


gold coin collecting help

flying devil game


Following is a list of cheat codes you are able to activate in the game.
To activate these cheats, simply hold the appropriate letter keys down.
If entering the letters in order won't work, try typing them in backward. Example: if "dog" summons a dog, you can type in "god" and it will still work.

  1. enter and escape: Flies you to the end of some levels
  2. cat: summons a cat that will kill enemies
  3. dog: summons a dog that will kill enemies. It can be killed quite easily.
  4. kn: summons a dog that will retrieve items and bring them to you
  5. hd: summons a laser turret to kill enemies
  6. yt: summons an additional creature that will kill enemies
  7. Fast Walking: while holding down either left or right arrow, press f and r

Save Files

The following is a compilation of save files for the game. This is only for people who are really into cheating and who want the entire game to be open for free play.

  1. Flattener (save1.dat)
  2. Ghorthalon the firedragon (save2.dat)


  1. No suggestions as of yet


  1. When I use the "hd" cheat and I am at the end of the level facing the wall, the turret gets placed outside of the playing area.


  1. In the stage 17 shop, "Gold" is not mensioned after the price of the power bomb.
  2. In the stage 18 shop, "?????????HP???????????" is not translated.


Web page created by Jeff Rutkowski. First part of the guide created by mr.brunete. Heavy spell checking and editing by Jeff Rutkowski. Stage 21 and 22 shop information provided by bladestorm360 Cheat codes provided by Tyler Spivey and Erion.

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