'Bokurano Daiboukenn 3 Guide'

Downloading the Game

You can download the game here.

Game Menus

The Main Menu

In the main menu, you have a series of options. They are as follows.

Character Menu

In the character menu, you have the following options.

Character Settings Menu


Stage 0 - Tutorial

Let's walk: 0-1

Let's play ball: 0-2

Let's go to the acrobatic 0-3

0-4 Tutorial: Remix

Warehouse items

Stage 1 - School Funny

First floor school, south school: 1-1

Two-story school, south school: 1-2

First floor school building north: 1-3

1-4: monster advent

Darkness people I give you weapon

Stage 2 - Phenomenon of mystery

It is butt-As always: 2-1

2-2: community center

2-3: Running very scary

2-4: monster making machine

Shops Yokotanku

Stage 3 - Explore Building

First floor of the building mystery: 3-1

Here Bill of mystery, wonder if good on the second floor: 3-2

As high as I do not think building a mystery, and the third floor: 3-3

A mysterious organization: 3-4

Merchant | merchant, trader, tradesman, shopkeeper

Stage 4 - Tragety

1 the prison search: 4-1

2 the prison search: 4-2

Believe escape: 4-3

To a lonely journey: 4-4

Merchant | merchant, trader, tradesman, shopkeeper

Stage 5 - The beginning of the adventure

To look for hope: 5-1

Beyond the Akuhaia: 5-2

Fish help having an unexpected act of mercy: 5-3

Sacrifice to save: 5-4

Electron | electron

Stage 6 - Take-off brave

Flight for the first time: 6-1

More and more to the south: 6-2

6-3: landing

6-4: mine rush

Merchant | merchant, trader, tradesman, shopkeeper

Stage 7 - Crystal Give me Hikare

Try to search: 7-1

Let's explore more: 7-2

Fight cancer for the first time: 7-3

Battle of the summit: 7-4

Ninja | ninja

After you leave the shop, you will receive 502 lemon pieces.

Stage 8 - Hook to apply the sky

8-1: Bill wonder if anywhere

8-2: Rescue Battle

Throw it in the field of view: 8-3

8-4: Rock on

Electron, again

Stage 9 - The Stage 9: savior, who will be saved

9-1: search

Seeking password: 9-2

9-3: The search continues

The 9-4: savior, who will be saved

Carla customers

Stage 10 - The fight is not over

10-1: homework

Futile struggle of the piece: 10-2

10-3: Oideoide, daemon

The rest to them: 10-4

Merchant like a boy

Stage 11 - Heart and her hometown of Carla

11-1: Southeastern

11-2: the Northeast

11-3: Northwest

11-4: Southwest

Flame Town

Stage 12 - Battle of Fire

12-1: First area

12-2: Second area

12-3: Third area

12-4: Final area

People Akuhaia

Stage 13 - Mission fitted

13-1: inexplicable sky

Dogfight for the first time: 13-2

Toward the sea: 13-3

13-4: Air Strike

Maintenance of the airplane

Stage 14 - Entrance to hell

And advanced to the enemy territory: 14-1

Beyond the sea of ??flash: 14-2

14-3: He continue to fly

14-4: war

Tent of everyone

Stage 15 - Crystal City Melee (first part)

15-1: Area 1

15-2: Area 2

15-3: Area 3

15-4: Area 4

Shop all

Stage 16 - Crystal City Melee (Part Two)

16-1: Area 5

16-2: Area 6

16-3: Area 7

16-4: showdown

Synthesis workshop everyone

This shop allows you to take advantage of the crafting system built into the game. You can make many different items which I will attempt to cover here.

Stage 17 - Energy Blast strategy

Toward the storage: 17-1

To advance steadily: 17-2

The burr press the switch: 17-3

17-4: escape

Darkness who

Stage 18 - To the house of analysis bastard

18-1: raid

18-2: take-off

Dogfight again: 18-3

The lost the battle: 18-4

Merchant who was in grassland

Stage 19 - Creepy Cave

19-1: cave entry

Wild beast: 19-2

Back steadily to 19-3:

Hatred and resentment: 19-4

Shop one of the last

Stage 20 - search mission

20-1: 1 search

20-2: search 2

20-3: search 3

20-4: Revenge Battle

Shop the last 2

Stage 21 - Fort first floor of the piece

First floor warp point near fort: 21-1

First floor near the center of the fort: 21-2

Way to the first floor hangar fort: 21-3

1st floor hangar destruction mission fort: 21-4

Bonus 1 shop

Stage 22 - Fort second floor of the piece

Second floor entrance to the fort: 22-1

Second floor near the center of the fort: 22-2

Way to the second floor stairs fort: 22-3

Stairs leading to the third floor second floor fort: 22-4

Bonus Shop 2

Stage 23 - Fort third floor of the piece

The third floor near the entrance fort: 23-1

The third floor near the center of the fort: 23-2

Way to the third floor stairs fort: 23-3

Stairs leading to the fourth floor third floor fort: 23-4

Bonus shop 5

Stage 24 - Fort 4th Floor of the piece

4th floor entrance to the fort: 24-1

The fourth floor near the center of the fort: 24-2

Way to the fourth floor stairs fort: 24-3

Staircase leading to the fifth floor 4th floor fort: 24-4

Shop 4 bonus

Stage 25 - Fort final piece of the floor

5th floor near the entrance fort: 25-1

5th floor near the center of the fort: 25-2

Way to the room on the fifth floor last fort: 25-3

25-4: Battle

A loner last: 25-5

Record of adventure

Extra Stage (Unlocked when you beat the game)

In the extra stage, you have the following options.

Help collect Gold Coins

The following is the list of options available in this portion of the extra stage.

Shortcut Keys

Cheat Codes


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