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April Fools Pranks

Apple Alex TTS Voice

Author: Erion and Piotr Machacz Version: 1.00 This add-on brings the famous Alex TTS voice from the Macintosh to NVDA. Please note: this was intended as an April fools prank in 2014. This add-on is nothing but a collection of pre-recorded words that NVDA plays when that specific word is encountered. This is for novelty value only and is not meant to be used as a true synthesizer. Download the Apple Alex speech synthesizer add-on here.

Comical Audio Files

These are some of my comical audio files I'm putting out there on the net.
I hope you get as much of a laugh out of them as I did.

Comical Place Names throughout the world

Some cities, towns, lakes and rivers are given quite comical names. Here are links to Wikipedia articles providing information on such places.
I have given each state its own page and will possibly add more comical names for places all over the world if available.

United States


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