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Beach World Ideas

mini-game: canoe race

Description: You are paddling down the river on your little canoe. The buzzers will tell you which way to go but be careful to avoid rocks and other players. If you run aground on the bank of the river, the game will be over for you.
Music: Mario Party 8 It's a dead heat

mini-Game: canoeing through the rapids

Description: You are inexorably riding your little canoe along with the flow of a river. Be sure to paddle left or right to avoid rocks and be careful not to stray too far as the edge of the river will destroy your boat.

Chaos World Ideas

Unlocked through: intellectual world
World boss: Haywire coaster

Circus World Ideas

Mini-Game: archery

Description: A moving target is swinging from left to right. Shoot the target with your bow when it is in the center of the screen by pressing the f key.
Music: look closely from Mario Party 9

Darkness World Ideas

Mini-game: cave with stalagmites

Description: You are in a cave filled with stalagmites sprouting from the ground. Jump over the stalagmites but be careful to avoid bats overhead.

Mini-Game: On-Time

Description: You are controlling the hands of a massive clock, and are told to set those hands to a specific time. Use the arrow keys to swivel the hour, or the minute hands to the times told to you, in the allotted time.

Mini-Game: Spectral Race

Description: This turtle has turned into a ghastly ghost, but he still persists in his afterlife. You will have to race him yet again, but watch out, if he touches you, you'll be sent back to the starting point! Can you make it to the north most point?
Music: Battle against King Boo from Mario Party 9

Desert World Ideas

mini-Game: camel escape

Description: You are riding a camel through the desert. Control him by using your left and right arrows when the indicator sounds. Be careful though because if the camel walks too far off-course, you'll have to start over.

Factory World Ideas

World boss: robot battle

Ice World Ideas

World boss: elk or yeti

mini-game: ice express

Description: You control a train that can travel backward or forward on a track. Listen for the lights placed along the track indicating when it is safe to travel. Be careful as the track can be slippery in places, making it difficult to control the vehicle.

mini-game: frozen

Description: You find yourself running along a river with patches of ice that will give you a temporary speed boost. You are able to swim between the patches of ice and catch fish to increase your health. Watch out though, if you are out of the water for too long, you may freeze solid. Don't worry, you can press the arrow keys in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to unfreeze yourself and keep going.

mini-game: polar bear patrol

Description: Quick! Run across this partially frozen river where the polar bears live. Ice paths will allow you to move quickly forward in most cases but you will have to swim through the water being careful to avoid the bears on their patrol. Get chomped and the game is over for you.

mini-Game: snow race

Description: Race along this clear path across the icy ground. Buzzers will indicate the direction. Slick patches will allow you to zip along the path faster but falling into the river will hamper your speed.

Intellectual World Ideas

World boss: master mind

Labyrinth World Ideas

Music: wish park dance zone from pokepark 2

Mini-Game: Spectral Maze

Description: It's another devastating maze, filled with ghosts, and bonuses! Luckily enough, you have your spectral sword with you, to kill off the enemies. So, grab the bonuses, and kill the ghosts, but be warned: If you die, the game is over for you..
Music: Boo's Horror Castle from Mario Party 9

Space World Ideas

Unlocked from: space invaders game
Music: Whoa from Super Paper Mario

Mini-Game: Earth's hero

Description: none available as of yet.

Mini-Game: ejected

Description: Oh, no! You're floating through the depths of space, and you have no helmet! Better go fast, and grab the little pockets of oxygen scattered around the area, in your attempts to get back to your ship! Be quick, because when you lose all of your health, you lose the game!

Mini-Game: Take-off

Description: You're ready to set out on a big adventure into the great unknown depths of outer space, but your spaceship is not. Move around the airstrip and collect the pieces you need to finish your spaceship, fuel her up, and get going!.
Music: Rayquaza's Balloon Panic from Pokepark WII

Mini-Game: Alien Assault

Description: Quick, you need to defend yourself! You're being attacked by aliens from another world! Fire your lasers, and make sure you don't take too much damage from theirs! Press V to check your health! If it reaches 0, the game is over for you!

Mini-Game: Meteor Storm

Description: Your ship is damaged, and you're out on the side, working your hardest to fix the problem, but another problem has arisen: There are meteors hitting! So, work fast, and avoid the meteors!
Music: Bowser's Galaxy Generator from Super Mario Galaxy 2

Mini-Game: Gravitational Pulls/Pretty Galaxy

Description: You have come to the part of the galaxy where the planets look the most beautiful, but are the most deadly. You can view them, but just make sure you're not too close or their gravity will pull you off course.
Music: Outer Space from Super paper mario

Underground World Ideas

Mini-Game: spiked floor

Description: Uh oh. You're walking along a floor with spikes underneath it. Be careful to jump when the floor disappears so you don't plum it onto the spikes below.
Music: Run from Mario Party 9

Village World Ideas

Music: Glitzville from Paper Mario 2

Mini-Game: peaceful drive

Description: You're driving your car along a busy road. Be careful to avoid the many pedestrians and steer clear of buildings that block your path. Electronic buzzers will guide you along your journey.

Mini-Game: Hogwash

Description: A stray dog has begun a rampage, and you've been told to wash this mutt. So, go grab a bucket of water, and head out to find the dog to wash it. Don't forget to refill your bucket every so often, or else you can't get the job done!.
Music: Happy-go-lucky from Mario Party 8

Mini-Game: protect the village

Description: Criminals are running wild in the village! Help protect it with your weapon by pressing f. Reload your weapon with r and check the number of bullets left with d.

Volcano World Ideas

World boss: dragon

Mini-Game: Volcanicoaster

Description: You're riding on a wild roller coaster running through a flaming volcano. Be careful to avoid the pillars of fire by jumping with the spacebar while picking up bonuses scattered along the way.
Music: Overworld 8 from New Super Mario Bros WII

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