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Setting up and maintaining the distribution


You can download the master release or download the beta version of EmpireMUD by going to their appropriate links.


In order to compile and run Empire MUD, you need the MSYS2 installer.
You can get the 32 bit version here and the 64 bit version here.
Once you have MSYS2 installed, run the program from the start menu and use the following steps to get your Empire MUD up and running.
Make sure you know which drive letter you have the main folder saved to as this will be very important information. For this example, I will use "H:".


To run your version of Empire MUD, follow the steps below.


More Information

If you need more information on how to use Empire, don't hesitate to contact Paul S Clarke at paul@empiremud.net.

Other Resources

Following is a list of additional resources and pages I have put together.

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