Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I've carefully bookmarked all the pages I'm interested in visiting but they're not showing up! What happened?

I've tried to convert my webpage into Markdown as best as I could but with the conversion, there are behind-the-scenes things I need to do to link to all the content on the site. I've placed as many "This page has mooved" HTML pages as I could to point visitors to the correct locations containing this content.

I notice your page has an "https" prefix. What's this about?

Behind-the-scenes maintenance has occured. This doesn't mean much from the perspective of the visitors, but now, the web traffic is encrypted.

What is this whole Markdown thing?

Markdown is a coding language similar to HTML but without text enclosed within tags. You can find information about the code and examples on the Markdown syntax page.

Why did you decide to convert your page into Markdown?

In short, it's way easier to maintain. With Markdown, I don't have to worry about typing all the extra text that makes up a link and I can sort my links alphabetically with the text editor I use.

Do you plan on adding more content?

Yes, if it is available. If anyone has any more movies they wish to see on the site, I'm open to feedback and I will usually answer within a day or two.

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