'Godwars2 Crafting Reference'

Godwars2 Crafting Reference

Following is a list of all the items you can craft. The material types are divided by headings and the available items are listed below.

How to Craft Items

To craft a listed item, you must hold the material in one hand and use the appropriate commands to complete the project.
For example, if you wish to craft a cloak using a large pelt, you would type the commands "rt", "rc", "rf", "rh" with each on its own line excluding the quotes of course.
You may separate large items into medium, and medium items into small by holding the single item you wish to separate in both hands and typing "ru" if your character is left-handed or "lu" if it is right-handed.
If you wish to join two small pieces to make a medium or two mediums to make a large, you may do this by holding the pieces you wish to join in both hands and typing either "lu" or "ru". It doesn't matter which as either command will accomplish the same task.

Large Pelts

Medium Pelts

Small Pelts

Large Bone Shards

Medium Bone Shards

Small Bone Shards

Large Black Chitin Fragments

Medium Black Chitin Fragments

Small Black Chitin Fragments

Large Spider Silk Material

Medium Spider Silk Material

Small Spider Silk Material

Long Leather Strip

Medium Leather Strip

Short Leather Strip

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