'Godwars2 Item Fabrication List'

Godwars2 Item Fabrication List

Below is a list of all items you can fabricate while on your home plain.
To get rid of an item, all you need to do is drop it and it will dissolve, its essence flowing back into your home plane.


Longsword, broadsword, bastard sword, greatsword, shortsword, scimitar,
falchion, sabre, rapier, dagger, sacrificial dagger, kris, stiletto, main gauche,
swordbreaker, knife, throwing knife, shuriken, butterfly knife, tiger claw,
katar, katana, wakizashi, tanto, ninjatou, battleaxe, greataxe, hand axe,
kama, throwing axe, tower shield, kite shield, target shield, crescent shield,
buckler, cudgel, mace, war hammer, maul, shortbow, composite shortbow, longbow,
crossbow, net, whip, morning star, halberd, naginata, spear, trident,
quarterstaff, jousting lance, wand.


Breastplate, codpiece, greaves, bracers, battle bracers, boots, gauntlets,
wing-spikes, full helm, spiked collar, champron, criniere, peytral, flanchards,
reinforced flanchards, croupiere, dragonspurs.


Shirt, hitatare jacket, uwagi jacket, blouse, vest, kana-do vest, jerkin,
ringmail vest, chainmail vest, mogami-do cuirass, ringmail shirt, chainmail shirt,
loincloth, fundoshi loincloth, shift, dress, robe, trousers, hakama trousers,
skirt, ringmail leggings, chainmail leggings, suneate shin guards,
kyahan shin guards, kote sleeves, tekou sleeves, shoes, moccasins, sandals,
waraji sandals, socks, tabi socks, gloves, mittons, headband, bandanna, cap,
hat, mask, helmet, hoplomacus helmet, secutor helmet, thracian helmet, kabuto helmet,
fukumen mask, chainmail coif, collar, scarf, studded collar, cloak,
hooded cloak, skullcap, saddle, horseshoes.


Torch, quiver, case, ring, belt, sash, haramaki belt, holy symbol, whetstone,
lockpick set, alchemy set, cleaning cloth, sewing kit, tanning kit, bread, egg,
glass bottle, bridle.


Horse, camel, elephant.



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