BeatStar Changes

Changes in 5.2

  1. Fixed a couple issues with random mode.
  2. If you press space you will now hear the pack names when buying or changing soundpacks.

Changes in 5.0

You no longer get empty gaps if you delete an unlocked pack.

Fixed bug when playing last level of random game

Pack downloader now built in to the game!

You can now add 4 additional actions

Random mode is now in!

Changes in 4.0

  1. You now get an options menu with the following options: Play safeguard sound, play perfect scoring sound, and announce obtained beatcoins after a level
  2. The sound of the safeguard is now played a little higher pitched if it's your last.
  3. You can now press s to check your safeguards in the main menu.
  4. You now get 5 safeguards if you beat a soundpack!
  5. Safeguard sound didn't play sometimes if it was already playing. fixed
  6. You get a free safeguard if you score a perfect bonus in a really hard level!
  7. You can now listen to the beats you have unlocked in a pack by using the new main menu option
  8. Memory optimizations yay!
  9. Soundpool optimizations yay!

Changes in 3.0

  1. You now get a higher beatcoins bonus if you scored perfect beats in a previous level!

Changes for soundpack makers

new optional sounds

  1. pre1, pre2, pre3, etc: Played at the beginning of each level, can be skipped by pressing intro.
  2. Boot: Optional, played before the main menu, and when changing soundpacks.

New version of packmaker tool

Changes in 2.6

  1. The scoring sound is played a bit to the rightt so as not to interfere with the pack.
  2. The pack creation tool is now included with the game inside the pack creation tool folder.
  3. You can now press m from within the main menu to hear your current beatcoins.

Changes in 2.5

  1. You can now create your own soundpacks! read the readme file.