BeatStar! BeatStar! A game by Oriol Gomez


Welcome to BeatStar, a game that will test your rhythm skills against many unlockable music beats! This game is a bit similar to bopIt. In fact, it is very much like bopIt beats, except that you can obtain beatcoins during the game, with which you can buy new soundpacks and other things.

+playing the game


The concept is very easy. You will hear music along with different instructions, usually sound effects. Each sound effect is a key on the keyboard that you have to press. You have a very limited amount of time to press the correct key, because the game forces you to play along with the music beat. If you don't hit the right key within the required time the game will end, unless you have bought safeguards in the shop. You can find out how much time you have to press by listening to the music when it starts. The silent time that you hear before the instructions start is the time allowed to press an instruction. After a few instructions, the music will change and the game will get faster. This continues until you either fail to press the right key in the allotted time, press the wrong key or you beat the game. You beat the game when you complete all the levels in a soundpack. This also gives you 5 safeguards and a beatcoin bonus (see below).


Every correct key gives you a certain amount of beatcoins depending on how well your rhythm was. I'm not going to disclose the rule used to calculate beatcoins, but if you match your beat very accurately you will get much better results. Very accurately means pressing the key right when the allotted time is at its half because that's how a typical music beat works. Listen to the counter sound also present in run for your life. The higher it is, the better you did. You can listen to how many beatcoins you have by pressing m from within the main menu or the shops. Beatcoins can be used to purchase new soundpacks (each soundpack costs 5000 beatcoins). You can also buy safeguards in the shop for 1000 coins each, which will let you continue a game if you miss a key. You can buy new soundpacks from the main menu. Do not even think about changing the filename of a pack to see if you can get new sounds just by changing the name of a file, because each pack is encrypted with a unique key, you cheater. You can also buy safeguards from the main menu, by choosing the buy safeguards option. They cost 1000 coins, and you will be given a menu that goes from 1 to the maximum number of safeguards you can buy with your current beatcoins. To learn the sound for each key, use the learn actions option in the main menu. There, you will be able to press the action keys to hear which sound is associated to which key. Use this when you buy a new pack to familiarize yourself with the sounds.

++The random game

The random game is very interesting to play if you have beaten a soundpack. You never know which level will be the next, and it will go on until you fail. Try it!

++Key reference:

Action keys, with default pack equivalents:

Some packs might have additional keys

Other Keys

+Frequently asked questions

Why is the beat sometimes not fully synchronized with the music?

I have tuned the beats as best as I could, but it might happen that either due to CPU speed or an error on my part when writing down the beat times, the instructions are slightly off. If this happens please contact me and tell me which level you were in when this happened and the soundpack you were playing.

+How to make your own soundpacks for this game?

To make your own soundpack, here is what you need to do: Create files called 1music, 2music, 3music, etc for each music level. Please make sure that they are loopable files (i.e: You can repeat them with no gaps or extra sound. They need to be completely rythmic, no empty gaps at beginning or end and no extra notes from the next measure. Create the following action files:

To make the pack work you need a file called bpm.txt. This file contains the time values for the rhythms. It starts with a 0, a comma, then the bpm's for each music, like this: 0,1000,800,650

But how do you calculate these times? Basically you need to indicate the number of milliseconds to wait between an instruction and the next. Knowing this, if we want to wait a second we would write 1000 as the bpm for that level. Otherwise you can use the awesome pack creation tool found at Place the files inside its own folder inside the game/packs folder. For example, game/packs/music. You won't get any beatcoins while playing your own pack, otherwise you could just play the higher levels in debug mode and get amazing amounts of beatcoins! If everything worked and you can play your new pack, a file with the folder name and the .pack extension will be created inside the packs folder which you can then share with your friends and with me to include it in the game of course!


If you have any questions, bugs, want to contribute with a soundpack, or if you want to know the name of any song in the game just let me know. I'm not going to disclose the song names here because that would just ruin the fun, so enjoy the game and find out! Oh, and buy lots of safeguards because there are really fast levels!