'Frequently Asked Questions' Frequently Asked Questions Following are some frequently asked questions posed to me over the years since I started playing Miriani.

Who are you and why did you create this guide?

My name is Jeff Rutkowski and I am a blind United States citizen. I decided to create this guide because I felt I needed an out-of-game way to access information, a central repository as it were.

But, if you're blind, how can you play these games?

Since these games are purely text-based, I can "hear" what's being typed to the screen. This is achieved with a program called a screen reader.
This is simply a piece of software that translates text into synthetic speech. The people who created Miriani have taken into consideration the fact that many blind people play the game so they implemented certain options that illiminate most if not all of the "ASCII art" (crude pictures using text characters) representing maps and other visual elements.

Has anyone contributed information to this guide?

Absolutely. I have gotten many tidbits of advice, suggestions here and there about things that needed to be changed and many other ideas from fellow Miriani players.
To see who contributed what, feel free to visit the credits page.

I have feedback. How can I contact you?

If you wish to contact me, please visit my contact page.

Who created this game anyway?

The Miriani game itself was created by a company called Toastsoft.
Miriani was created to take the place of Squidsoft's Star Conquest when the Squidsoft team decided not to support it anymore. A few years later, Star Conquest has been reserected but the more feature rich Miriani still lives on.

What is object stacking/grouping?

Object stacking or grouping is a way to drastically reduce the amount of "spam" a player receives on his/her end of things. I've found that in many games, object stacking isn't implemented so produces multiple listings even if multiples of the same object are laying on the ground or hidden inside a container.
For example: if Miriani didn't have object stacking available, you would see something like the following.
You see an apple, an apple, an apple, an apple, an apple, an apple and an apple here.
Now, if you enable object grouping, you would see:
You see 7 apples here.
Much better, isn't it?
In the old system, they used to print:
You see 7 of an apple here.
Not really much difference but the grammar is slightly better in the newer system.

What is object compression?

Object compression is a way to store items without taking up too much space in the game. I believe this works by storing the item as a set of variables and/or properties. For example, if you have an apple in a backpack and you place another of the same object inside that backpack, the quantity flag will be bumped up from 1 to 2 and the game will display the result accordingly.
Listed below are some of the containers that compress their contents.

Where can I find galactic news?

Click here to go to the galactic news page.

Where can I find the text of the second Praelor encounter?

Click here to view an HTML version of the second Praelor encounter. Click here if you would rather view the plain text version.

Where can I find a complete list of in-game socials?

Click here to view the complete in-game socials list.

Where can I find Miriani's server and database statistics?

Click here to go to the Miriani server/database statistics page.
Please note that you do have to have a Toastsoft user name and password to view the actual logs.

What is a sound pack and where can I get one?

A sound pack is basically a list of triggers that plays a sound when a certain string(s) of text are displayed on screen. As a blind player of many games, I can honestly say that the sounds help tremendously especially since I don't have to hear my screen reader constantly yammering in the background.
To answer the question "where can I get one?" is a bit more difficult.
It depends on which client you have.

I have MonkeyTerm, where can I get a sound pack?

The latest available version is public beta 2.5 R1.
You can visit the website for the pack or you can download the MonkeyTerm sound pack here.

I have MUSHclient, where can I get a sound pack?

The latest available version is 1.0.
You can download the MUSHclient sound pack here.

I have VIP MUD, where can I get a sound pack?

The latest available version is 3.9.8.
You can go to the website or you can download the VIP MUD sound pack here.

All these sound packs for windows are great but unfortunately, I have a Mac. Are there sound packs available for my machine?

The short answer is yes but the sound pack for TinTin++ is not as developed as those for MonkeyTerm, Mush Client or VIP MUD.
The latest available version is 1.0.
You can download the TinTin++ sound pack here.

Last update: Sunday, January 1, 2012.
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