'Praelor ship information' Praelor ship information
Following is a list of all Praelor ships and their associated information.
This information was taken directly from the RAVEN (Readily available very educational Network). This is available as an upgrade.

Air Potate

These Praelor launch onz ships instead of the normal Bzanis. Also, information gathering attempts seem to be fruitless, these new Potates can not be scanned.

Beze-Praelor Potateoton

Potateotons are true Praelor motherships; even larger than the Potate, they are incredibly well-armed and armored but rarely deployed in actual combat. They contain large colonies of Praelor and a significant amount of Praelor are born and live for a time on Potateoton starships. They are typically targetted as part of abduction missions in order to study Praelor biology and anatomy.


Praelor Bzani are the small fighter-like starships stored within a Potate's hull. They seem to be capable of piggybacking on other starship classes in small numbers, but are almost always deployed via a Potate.
They are fairly weak individually; their main advantage is their ability to swarm isolated targets when deployed in large numbers. When deployed from a Potate they depend upon the Potate for command and control, so once the mothership is destroyed, its Bzani generally lay dormant until destroyed or recovered. This seems to imply that they are generally unmanned.


These ships are similar to the Bzani but they are much stronger and hit harder. They are usually launched from a Potate.


Praelor Bzzrs are small, weak ships. They are the infant forms of the larger Praelor starships, not yet having formed all the protective coatings of a larger ship. The sensor systems are also immature, often only being able to pick up the positions and possible sizes of nearby objects rather than any specific information. Combat deployment of Bzzrs almost never occurs, and it is not clear why they have ever been deployed in combat at all. Bzzrs should be destroyed if at all possible; they are best approached with smaller, fighter-sized craft in order to confuse it into thinking you are not a hostile contact. Every Bzzr left alive is a potentially powerful combat ship in production.


The Praelor Krenelia are allied with the humans in protecting human space.


The Praelor Friziti is a class of ship dedicated to non-combat duties.
They possess grasping parts which are capable of collecting debris for recycling and have also been observed extracting mineral deposits from asteroids. They are not a high-value target but destroying them can help to destabilize resource gathering operations. They are typically unarmed.


A terrifying ship, this appears to be a cousin to the Praelor Potate and has a similar frame and identical combat capabilities. However, rather than act as a mothership for smaller craft, the Muzano is equipped with a large array of electronic warfare technology. While the only confirmed ability is that it is able to project an interdiction field in the same way as a Muzati, unconfirmed reports have shown it to be capable of jamming electronic systems and releasing chaff which is capable of overloading ship sensor readouts such that individual objects cannot be discerned close to the Muzano. This ship's legends are often more intimidating than its actual presence, and it is rare to see a Muzano in combat. Note: the muzano seems to be the troop carier in the praelor fleet. These ships have been known to drop ground praelor on planets, moons, etc.


This Praelor ship is roughly equivalent to a more fortified Otono in head-to-head combat capabilities, but its primary purpose is its considerable tactical value; the Muzati is capable of generating a sort of 'bubble', through means unknown, which is able to prevent new wormholes from being created within its volume. This makes use of a different mechanism than human interdiction technology, but achieves the same effect. For this reason, Muzati are often priority targets.


These Praelor have laser reflectors and are equipped with a subwarp drive. With there extra strong hull, these are one of the newer classes of praelor encountered by the high guard. It will only take three of these Ohaxx to bring down the average battlecruiser.


This combat ship is the most powerful mid-sized Praelor combat ship that is frequently encountered. It packs slightly less punch than a gunship into a noticeably tougher yet smaller hull. These ships often operate independently and are capable of causing serious damage in flotilla-sized forces.
These ships are equipped with a subwarp drive.


The first combat ship to be deployed against the High Guard expeditionary forces, the Praelor Onno seems to be the most common combat ship in Praelor space. They are slightly tougher and more powerful than the Onz.
These ships are equipped with a subwarp drive.


The Praelor Ontanka is a small utility starship; they are configured separately for a wide array of purposes, from scout ships to cargo haulers to light combat ships to personnel transports. Its versatility is matched only by its ubiquity, and these ships can reliably be found throughout Praelor space. This seems to suggest that it is a very cheap and fast-growing Praelor ship.


The Praelor Onz is a moderately armored combat vessel and is designed expressly for the purpose of combat, judging by its sizeable armament.
It is a ship capable of holding the line against moderate combatants, comparable to the human destroyer-class vessels.


The Praelor Orta is a small ship, and the smallest independently operating spacecraft that the Praelor have deployed exclusively for military purposes. While it is a dedicated combat ship, it is not very powerful. While its firepower should be respected when they are massed in large numbers, the Orta alone should not be a serious threat to a human combat spacecraft.


Unfortunately, there is no information reguarding this Praelor starship.


The Praelor Otono is closely related to the Otona ship class. While the Otona is not a dedicated combat ship the Otono appears to be an up-armored variant and possesses more acid expectorators. The Otono is frequently seen as an escort for larger Praelor combat ships, but it appears to be usable as some form of utility starship akin to the Otona and the Ontanka.


The Praelor Potate is the most common capital ship in the Praelor fleet and is a match for any human battlecruiser. It has a staggering arsenal of acid expectorators and also acts as a carrier, carrying large numbers of Bzani ships in small blister-like recesses in the hull, looking rather like a lotus seed head when fully loaded. The Potate is much larger than a battlecruiser and appears to have significant non-combat purposes, often acting as a mobile headquarters for small Praelor raider fleets. Recently, some of these potates have been known to have repulser fields, that when crossed by any ship, explode. These fields can do 50% damage, to the average reinforced hull of a battlecruiser. Some potates either launch bzani or bzano.


These Praelor have a stronger hull and hit harder than the typical Onati, making them ideal targets when in a combat situation. Though so far, these ships have only been rarely encountered in envaisions. They can also hack in to a starship's power systems, temperarily killing the power of any alliance starship within 3 units. Another ability of the Resah-Onati class starships is the fact that they can throw ground praelor, which break through your hatch and attack the crew within any warship through the ducts.
There are also Resah-Muzati, which are exactly the same as these onati accept they can interdict.


The frnazik are the most recently encountered praelor carier, And they are often destroied by other praelor. Read the section headed frnalk for more details.


These recently discovered praelor definitely pack a punch. These ships are caried by the frnazik, but they blow up the praelor carier. Then, frnalk come out. They come from the debris of the frnazik. Here is a list of there stats.


These recently discovered praelor starships seem to have the armorment of an onati, but only the offensive capabilities of a muzati. These ships have the ability to interdict in the same way the muzati can, but they will also slow your relativity drive down a significant amount.

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