'Miriani Defense Handbook' Miriani Defense Handbook
Welcome to the Miriani defense handbook. The following information can be accessed within the game by typing "defense" but I decided to put it up here for quick and easy reference.

Section 1: How to avoid ship theft.

The following are tips that will help you avoid getting your starship stolen:

  1. Don't stare in space. If you must daydream, it's best to do so when landed.
  2. If somebody docks with your ship, immediately undock and begin evasive maneuvers.
  3. If you notice debris appear around your ship, or if you notice moving debris of any kind, move away. It's likely somebody spacewalking.
  4. If you hear a strange thud coming from your airlock, fly away and get your stun gun out. Prepare to be boarded.
  5. Buy drones and have them guard your airlock, storage room, and possibly even your control room. If you can afford it, drones guarding engineering and any access corridors would be extremely beneficial as well, if for nothing more than slowing them down.
  6. Buy internal stun turrets and BOLT them in your airlock, storage room, and any linking corridors. If somebody invades your ship, you will have time to use your turrets while the airlock cycles or while they're recovering from the shock of being salvaged.
  7. Check around before you let random people board your ship. It's likely they've stolen other ships before you, so they will have a reputation.
  8. ALWAYS SET AN AUTH CODE. People need the authorization code to cancel your self-destruct sequence. It's almost always better to lose a ship to a firey explosion than to some nefarious person.
  9. Pay attention to what you salvage. If you get a lifeform, somebody is coming for your ship. Refer to the section of this document for when hostile forces have invaded your ship.
  10. Always check your PARTY before entering your ship. You never know when you'll pick up uninvited guests while walking around.

Section 2: What to do when your starship has been boarded by hostile forces.

When hostile forces board your ship, there are a few steps that, if taken immediately, will at least ensure that the thieves will not get what they're after.

Prerequisite: Set an AUTH code in your control room. This is a special code that must be entered to abort your self-destruct sequence.

If you didn't subdue your attackers:

Section 3: Combating combat drones.

Combat drones are, essentially, a relativity drive, a laser turret, and a small computer system. They do a fair amount of damage and can swarm your starship and cause panic, but they are extremely weak and vulnerable to all manner of weapon fire. Typically a single hit from an undamaged weapon will destroy these pests.

Vulnerabilities: Conventional weapon fire (lasers, bardenium cannons)
Defense: Fire on them with lasers or cannons.

Procedure: Don't panic. Place your ship in RED alert and walk to a weapon room. Once a drone hits your ship, view the STARMAP and LOCK onto the coordinates the drone is occupying. Fire your LASERS or CANNONS.
Under most circumstances, the drone will be destroyed. Repeat this procedure for any other drones that may be attacking you.
Caveats: Sometimes combat drones are used as a distraction while a larger ship bears down on you. This is not a problem as long as you don't panic. Maintain regular evasive maneuvers (detailed in another section of this guide) and focus your fire on the combat drones until they're destroyed. If the enemy starship begins docking procedures, simply continue firing on the combat drones and begin undocking procedures as soon as possible. There's no reason to stop picking off the drones while you wait for docking to complete.

Section 4: Combating interdictors.

Interdictors are small devices which prevent the formation of wormholes in a sector.
Vulnerabilities: Conventional weapon fire (lasers, bardenium cannons)
Procedure: Place your ship in RED alert and move the ship to an interdictor. Walk to a weapon room and LOCK onto the coordinates of the interdictor as soon as you're in range. Fire your LASERS or CANNONS at the interdictor. If at all possible, return to your control room and launch an interdictor of your own. This will mean the enemy cannot replace their own interdictors without first taking yours out. Repeat this procedure for all other interdictors in the sector and, remember, continue launching your own interdictors should the enemy begin destroying yours.

Section 5: Combating blockades.

Blockades are just what they sound like. They are small objects which, when used in sequence, allow a section of space to be blocked off and restrict access. They are especially useful for surrounding a planet and cutting off launch and land trajectories.
Vulnerabilities: Conventional weapon fire (lasers, bardenium cannons)
Procedure: Place your ship in RED alert and move to a blockade. Walk to a weapon room and LOCK onto the coordinates of the blockade as soon as you're in range. Fire your LASERs or CANNONs at the blockade. If you're attempting to land, return to your control room and try to land. If it continues to fail, repeat this procedure until you blast a hole through the blockades and are able to land.
Caveats: If you have been blockaded on a planet, there is very little you can do from the surface. The best you can do is ask for help on the communicator and wait it out. Or, if you're on a planet with a pod station, you can take a pod station to an unblockaded planet. At that point it's a simple matter of retrieving another ship or buying a new one and destroying the blockades yourself.

Combatting a non-planetary blockade:

Some pilots will use blockade tactics to try to trap you so that you cannot move. It's very important to not panic. Think of an escape route and blast your way through. Blockades are destroyed in a single shot, so all you have to do is figure out where to go and shoot your way out. For example. If you're at 5, 5, 5 and want to go to 6, 5, 5, but there is a blockade there, don't panic. Simply follow the procedure above (go to RED alert, LOCK on to 6, 5, 5, and fire your LASers) to destroy the blockade and then move as usual. If your ship is equipped with a subwarp drive, it's even easier. Simply pick some coordinates and subwarp there.

Section 6: Starship evasive maneuvers.

Evasion is a fairly trivial matter. The goal is simply to keep your starship moving at all times to prevent enemy weapon locks and firing.
Of course, the best enemies will be skilled in preemptive locking, but clever evading can still make that a difficult procedure to follow.
Strategies: One of the best strategies to use in evasion and preventing preemptive locking is to continue moving along both the X-Y and Z axis.
To do this, simply go into MANUAL navigation mode and input a "+" plus or a "-" minus into your navigation console. You will be prompted on which direction to move along the X-Y axis. If you enter a 5, your ship will stay in the same X-Y coordinates and only move along the Z axis (up or down, depending on whether or not you used a + or a -). If you enter another number, however, your ship will move both up or down and in whatever direction you specified. This creates two new coordinates that your enemy must predict before successfully firing on you.
If you're attempting to keep within firing range of your enemy (which is advised, as offense is the best defense!), you will want to view the STARMAP and choose a position that will keep you within one unit of your enemy. If your enemy is <SOMEBODY REMIND ME TO FINISH THIS.>

Section 7: Safety tips.

  1. Don't panic. Panic is counterproductive in most piloting situations!
  2. Never allow anybody to remove your keyring. They will attempt to coerce you into relinquishing your keyring in exchange for freedom, but all this will do is give them access to all of your starships. They will probably not release you.
  3. Never allow anybody to remove your communicator. Like the keyring, people may attempt to coerce you into giving up your communicator in exchange for your freedom, but DO NOT DO IT. Your communicator is your only means of requesting assistance from other pilots.
  4. Work with other people. Starships have multiple rooms for a reason. They are meant to be crewed. Get friends to crew your ships.
  5. Don't just sit there! If you're being attacked in space, MOVE! It's much more difficult to hit a moving target. You have absolutely nothing to lose by experimenting with strategies and trying to save yourself and your ship. Practice makes perfect, even when the practice is forced. Make the most of the attack by better learning how to defend yourself in the future. Afterall, you're guaranteed to lose the ship if you don't move or fight back.
  6. Don't antagonize your antagonizer! Don't hurl insults at somebody who just attacked you. All you're doing is feeding them exactly what they want to hear. By calling them names, you're just making yourself a larger target and, frankly, making yourself look foolish. It's better to learn from the situation and use it the next time you get attacked.

Section 8: Combating blockaded asteroid hauling destinations.

When hauling an asteroid, your computer may sometimes announce that it's in the same sector as the destination and then, for seemingly no reason, it will announce that hauling the asteroid has failed. If you view the STARMAP, you will almost always find that this occured because the destination has been blockaded.
Suggested course of action:

  1. Go outside and USE all of your anchors. Return the items to your supply kit.
  2. LAUNCH your ship.
  3. Go to RED alert and move to the nearest blockade. Destroy it.
  4. Continue destroying blockades until the space station has been sufficiently cleared for landing.
  5. Land on your asteroid and reanchor it.
  6. Haul. Profit!

Alternatively, you may find that the computer reports that line integrity has been compromised and the haul aborted. This means that somebody is on the asteroid surface removing your anchors. When this is the case, it is recommended that you grab a gun and go shoot them repeatedly. Then you can re-establish your anchors and continue hauling.

This is the end of the defense handbook. If you are done here, you can:
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