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Welcome to the other hints & Tips Section.
This section contains additional tips & strategies that don't fit on any of the other pages. Please feel free to visit the other pages listed below.

Helpful Advice.

  1. Keep your ship's hatch locked at all times! Leaving your ship unlocked is an invitation for ship theft.
  2. Always check to see if anyone has joined your group before you enter your ship. I'v had a fully upgraded expeditioner literally stolen out from under me because of this error.
  3. Do not log off (fall asleep) in space. People can dock with your ship and bomb your hatch.
  4. Set an auth code. If your ship doesn't have an auth code, anyone can access your ship's self destruct system and/or your docking options.
  5. Don't shoot at stars! The solar material that hits your ship will completely destroy your sensors.
  6. Don't shoot at anomalies! The hull and sensors will receive damage.
  7. Don't give keys out to everyone in the game. This is a sure way to get your ships stolen. Only give keys to people you know you can trust!
  8. When going out of local or out of communications range, leave your spacesuit on at all times! I took mine off and got booted back onto my capitol planet when the crew of the ship I was in decided to recharge.
  9. Hatch bombs take 30 seconds to deploy and give you 30 seconds of stun time after they explode.
  10. Hatch repair kits give you 50 seconds of roundtime when used on a ship's broken hatch.
  11. Praelor usually don't shoot through pieces of debris.

Things to look out for

  1. If you can not launch from a planet, that means someone has blockaded you in. Best to call for help on your alliance channel then just sit and wait until help arrives.
  2. Battlecruisers jumping into a sector right after you've jumped in. They might launchinterdicters and/or blockades to try to capture or destroy your ship.
  3. If you are in uncharted space and you see a battlecruiser jump into the sector, try to land on an asteroid if one is available. The battlecruiser will probably launch interdicters.

People to watch out for

There are certain types of people in the game who occasionally get there biggest thrills from terrorizing and steeling from others.
Try to develop a trusted group of people by getting to know the "real" people behind the game character.

Some Repairing Tips

If Components are damaged, the decision as to which ones to repair are up to you but when going out of comms, Try repairing the components in the following order:

How galactic & sector coordinates work

The first number is the "X" coordinate.

  1. When moving west, subtract 1.
  2. When moving east, add 1.

The second number is the "Y" coordinate.

  1. When moving north, subtract 1.
  2. When moving south, add 1.

The third number is the "Z" coordinate.

  1. When traveling up, subtract 1.
  2. When traveling down, add 1.

Some hints when going out of local and/or out of comms

  1. Be sure to bolt an internal stun turret in the engineering room and the storage room in case of intruders.
  2. Keep your spacesuit on at all times! (If the main power is turned off and you are not wearing one, you will be returned to your capital planet in an escape pod.)
  3. Bring plenty of ammunition as well as a few extra spacesuits in the event that you salvage a space cat.
  4. Bring plenty of clothing as the space cats will destroy any worn items instantly when they attack.
  5. Always use silent running mode when using the NAVI as the ship movement messages will tend to get spammy.
  6. Disable the drive charge, moon, space station, asteroid, star and debris notifications from the control room to cut down on game spam.
  7. Make sure the scan filters are set to block moons, stars, debris, asteroids and jumpgates.
  8. Stay buckled into a seat if you're not moving to another room. (The anomalies will sometimes throw you out of your seat and injure you.)

Recharging your ship

  1. Make sure everyone in the ship including you has their spacesuits on before proceeding!
  2. Either use your ship's autopilot or manual navigation mode to move to a star.
  3. Keep in mind that the best stars to recharge from are A, B and O class.
  4. If you are in no hurry to get moving, you can disregard the previous suggestion.
  5. Walk to your ship's engineering room and turn off the main power using the "systems" command.
  6. Turn the ship's main power back on and walk back to the control room
  7. Wait for the ship to fully recharge before turning on the ship's power.

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