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This is just a list of miscellaneous ideas that I would like the hosts to implement. Whether or not they will read this page and implement these suggestions is anyone's guess.
if you'd like to give out some of your own for others to see, send an email to:
jrutkowski7 at gmail.com


Ability to look at certain items in artifact storage containers

The main thing I don't like about the artifact storage containers in the game is that you are unable to "look at" a particular item inside. You are able to "remove "item", referring to the exact name of the item you want to take. In addition, counting items and refering to them by name doesn't work either. Please fix this whenever you have the time.

Sort and autosort issues

Autosorting room contents (Fixed on 12-11-2011)

This only happens the first time "sort here" & "autosort here" is used.
If you and/or others are buckled into a chair, they will be forced to stand but the game will still think you are buckled into your chair. To correct this parcing issue, just walk in any given direction, return to the room, and you can sit and buckle normally.

Things that can not be autosorted

The following things can not be sorted and/or autosorted.

Artifact Storage Container Bugs

  1. Items can not be taken directly from the container when referred to by name.

Buggy solar pannels (Fixed on Saturday, September 10, 2011)

Let's say you are at coordinates 1, 1, 1 and the star you are charging near is at 2, 1, 1. When you move to 1, 1, 1 the soler pannels will deploy as usual but if you move to 1, 2, 1 (southeast one unit) the soler pannels will deploy for a second time. Finally, when you move away from the star, the pannels will retract twice. I haven't tried it a third time but suspect the bug will keep occurring as with the second deployment/retraction.

Transferring things when the ship is not powered

When your ship is in space, docked with another ship and the main power is disabled, try typing "transfer". You will still receive the standard menu of either debris pieces or debris and charge. I don't think you can actually transfer debris and/or charge but the standard "You hear the sounds of cargo being transferred. " message is still displayed.
Similarely, if you try to transfer charge to another ship, the standard How many units do you wish to transfer?" message still displays. But, when you type in the minutes, nothing happens.

Counting Bugs

  1. The content of ammunition Storage Containers is unable to be counted
  2. Items in archaeological artifact Storage Containers cannot be counted when referred to by name
  3. Items in artifact Storage Containers cannot be counted when referred to by name
  4. When counting people, it doesn't display the player typing the command as being awake


  1. No information is available on the Praelor Ohaxx ship class
  2. No information is available on the Praelor Otona ship class

Furniture Problems

  1. When someone is buckled into a chair and types "people", the game displays "sitting on" instead of "buckled into".

Item contents


Babies and things

Closet and Suitcase Issues

Droids and drones

Starship ideas

Starship simulator ideas

  1. The ability to generate ground Praelor on simulated planets
  2. The ability to land on simulated planets, moons and space stations
  3. The ability to salvage starship debris
  4. The ability to use atmospheric combat vehicles with simulated planets
  5. The ability to use simulated battlecruiser fighters

Showing the amount of food/drink in containers (Fixed at long last on July 9, 2015)

I find it rather annoying when I look at a container of either baby food or a case of a particular food/drink item and the game doesn't display how much of that item is remaining. For example, when I look at a box of either Mixemgud instant waffle mix or Makincake instant pancake mix, after the description, the game displays "You note that it has 4 servings remaining". This, however, is not the case with baby food and/or most other food/drink items. This problem was finally fixed on July 9, 2015.

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