'Frequently Asked Questions'

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Accounts

I created a character and now I'm unable to log in with that account. What happened?

One of two things may have happened with your character.

  1. Your character's name consisted of less than five letters so the game thought it was a spam character.
  2. You haven't logged into your free account within thirty days so it was automatically deleted.

What's happening when the game tells me something like "Your bag is as full as it could possibley be of >item<"?

It looks like you have a free account. This means that your character's inventory can only hold one hundred of any given item at a time. To remedy this, you can purchase a paid account for fifteen U.S. dollars (equivalent to 1500 credits).

What the heck else am I limited to?

If you have 100 pots, you are limited to 1000 water. I assume if you have 100 water bottles, and if each bottle holds 50 stored water, you might be limited to 5000 stored water. As I have never actually tried this, I am not sure if this is actually the case.
The same concept unfortunately applies to bags and packages of items as well as skillets and speared food. One hundred of any given item is the absolute limit.

Help! I've opened a gift and I got the same "Your bag is as full as it could possibley be of >item<" message.

As covered in the above question, your free character account can only hold one hundred of any given item. If you have one hundred flares in your inventory and you open a gift containing flares, the additional flares you would have gained are lost due to the free account item limit.


Where can I find trash cans?

Trash cans can be found in the diner, gas station, general store and tavern within the abandoned fishing village. There are no other trash cans in the game as of yet.

How do I dig in trash cans?

To accomplish this task, your character must have a shovel in its inventory. Hold the shovel in one of your hands and, instead of pressing "space" like you normally would to use an item, press "alt+space" when your character is standing on the same square occupied by the trash can.

Where do I find these shovels?

You can find shovels in the mining area southeast of the mainland or by opening gifts obtained from the gift shop within the abandoned fishing village. They spawn randomly within the mining area so I am unable to tell you exactly where they will appear on the map.

What can I find in trash cans?

Trash cans contain balls, bullets, caps, captured fish, dirt, juice boxes, mud, napkins, paper, pens, revolvers, sand, single cigarettes, and the occasional item of clothing.

STW Points

How can I buy things with STW points?

To buy an item, type /buy itemname amount, for example, /buy coins 20.

What can I buy with STW Points?

I have a convenient STW point purchase list page that lists all items along with their purchase cost.

STW Upgrade Purchases

What are death-free cards and how do they work?

A death-free card is exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to escape dying within the game, allowing you to keep your inventory and stats like health and energy intact.

If I buy something like pop cans or gifts and I just happen to die, do I lose everything?

If you do not have a death-free card, this is an unfortunate "yes". Your corpse and all your items will be laying on the ground in the place where your character died. It is likely that you can retrieve these items if you are quick enough. Unfortunately, there are more people than not who enjoy looting items from player corpses so it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to retrieve all your lost items.

So you mean I just lost all my stuff that I purchase with real money? Sam, your game is the biggest gut-punching rip-off on Earth and I deserve to be compensated for this immediately!

As I have never purchased anything with real money for my current STW character, I am unaware of how the system is set up. I hope that in order to purchase things with credits, you must have a paid account. It this isn't the case, then I am afraid you have indeed lost everything your character had in its inventory and, for lack of a better term, it looks like you are SOL.

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I'm sorry you feel that way. I would suggest you take a moment to calm down, take a breather, and decide whether or not you wish to continue playing the game.

Survive the Wild Store and purchases


What can I buy with these credits?

To buy an item, type /credit_buy itemname amount, for example, /credit_buy death_free_card 5. All possible items listed below.

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