'Alphabetical Items List'

Alphabetical Items List

Following is a list of items that can be found in the game along with their descriptions and uses if applicable.
Please note: this is not an exhaustive list and probably never will be due to the shear number of objects within the game. Descriptions and item names have been taken directly from the game (this includes typos of which there are many).


Description: "A small pill that you can put into your mouth to help cure sickness. "


Description: "a delicious juicy fruit. it looks almost perfectly shaped and ready for eating. one side of it has a small circular worm hole, but you don't see an exit hole, but that's just a little bit extra nutrience."
Effect: reduces hunger by between 21 to 31 points


Description: "Its actually just a branch carved into the ruf shape of a projectile with a knife, but its well made and very well balanced."


Description: "A small pistol looking thing. When you look at it though, the barrel looks like it would be the perfect size for some small kind of medal rod!"


Description: "well crewed, This thing could nail trees down in an instant and could serve as a great weapon!"


Description: "small cups that can be filled"
Contains 15 cup


Description: "Makes cooking easier!!"
Contains 3 spit


Description: "open this to take out and use it. It contains a bunch of string, nothing more. "
Contains 50 string


Description: "This contains a couple of towels to help dry off or to clean you or other things with. "
Contains 3 towel


Description: "A pair of black jeans in good condition. they are broken in and soft."


Description: "just a normal vynal inflated ball. be careful who you show it to, JimmyDub is known to try and take all balls, he loves them."


Description: "A large blown up balloon, tied at the end. Just like the old toy you remember so well."


Description: "an unopened pack of balloons. There is a note on the package reading: "Warning! Do not expose a blown balloon to fire!""
Contains 50 empty_balloon


Description: "it looks just like a banana should. careful where you pick them from, it is rumored bananas from the marsh entrence will cause violant illness."
Effect: reduces hunger by 20


Description: "Just a generic sticky strip of plastic with a gause pad in the middle. looks like it would work to heal minor wounds."


Description: "a small box containing some band aids."
Contains 15 bandae.


Description: "a traditional blue baseball cap in surprisingly good shape. the front of it has an orange old english D."


Description: "this still slightly resembles a cowboy hat, you are sure one day it use to be one. now it looks like the result of being stampeded over by 500 angry cows who hate cowboy hats. it is flat, battered, and only slightly resembles the proper shape. and the smell, well you are not sure what it smells like but it is not good. you could wear it if you have no other choice, but it sure is an ugly nasty chhoice."


Description: "a small lythium battory that doesn't really hold an amazing amount of electric charge, but could still be very useful!"


Description: "A hand made and well taken care of pair of pants. they are made out of some soft smokey smelling leather. they have an intrekit bead pattern on the waste that goes down a few inches, then continues on the bottom of the cuffs."


Description: "A hand made and well taken care of vest. it is made out of some soft smokey smelling leather. it has an intrekit bead pattern on the left and right breast. "


Description: "the skin from bear. you most likely got this from dressing out bear. it seems like it could be useful some day."


Description: "A well made and well taken care of headband made out of short soft bear fur. it has a slightly musky smell, but that is to be expected out of anything that comes from bear."


Description: "a crude necklace, it is nothing more than some bear teeth on a string tied in a loop."


Description: "A worn down, old, haggard nasty pare of cowboy boots. you have not smelled cow poop in quite a long time but you are pretty sure they smell like a mixture of cow poop and old leather. the right one is missing a heel, but if you don't mind walking with a limp you could still wear them."


Description: "some nice golden beer. this is contained in something, and you should try drinking it out of it's container."


Description: "a nice glass bottel of beer. the label is long faded and gone but it is still sealed tight with a cork. come to think of it, why the hell does it have a cork. either way it looks delicious, even if it is expired it will still do the job."
Contains 25 beer


Description: "a small thing that you can just ding ding ding when every you like. "


Description: "This medal is sort of flat and long, and bent in a kind of U shape near the top. "


Description: "A small berry. It could double as a nice snack."
Effect: reduces hunger by 5


Description: "Well... How cool is that! It's very simple, just with pedals and 2 weels. But You could go so fast with this thing... Nearly anywhare!"


Description: "a hard plastic helmet with no padding on the inside. it does look like it would protect your head in case of a bike crash though."


Description: "A semicasual shirt in good shape. the seams are only slightly frayed and it is missing 2 of the buttons. but other than that is odorless and though completely out of place in the wild, a good find."


Description: "This cowboy hat is in surprisingly good shape. it doesn't even seem to be faded from the sun. it has a decrative silver band around it that still shines in the sun. very fassionable, and good for keeping the sun out of your eyes."


Description: "these are stretchy and look small, but you know they will stretch to fit, they are super tight and won't leave much to the imagination of anyone checking you out."


Description: "You have no idea where the blood stains came from, but nevertheless it is all discolored with specks of dried brownish red blood all over the front of it. you could wash it off one day, but why bother, they will just get more blood on them."


Description: "You have no idea where the blood stains came from, but nevertheless they are all discolored with dried brownish red blood on the tops and soles. you could wash them off one day, but why bother, they will just get more blood on them."


Description: "A thick blue cotton synthetic blend sweater with a hood. it is in good shape, even the strings for the hood are still there. a good way to stay warm without getting too hot."


Description: "A pare of nice silky pastel blue pajama pants. they feel like liquid when you run them through your fingers. something very comfortable to sleep in, and for just wearing around when you wanna sacrifice fassion for comfort, but really, who cares out here in the wild."


Description: " A small boat. There seems to be enough room for one person."


Description: "Throw this... Hurt something... or someone... And it'll fly back! Boom!"


Description: "A fully formed bow. If you needed to, you could shoot with it."


Description: "A branch ripped from a tree."


Description: "This bow seems to be missing something. "


Description: "No description available"


Description: "Hmmm, nice touch! You mannage to weave some extra string threw and get some extra support in the process... But this crossbow scemes to be missing something!"


Description: "A feather in very bad condition. you can't even tell what type of bird this came from."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A unremarckable plane bronze ring. really nothing special, just a bronze band in the shape of a ring."


Description: "a small caliber bullet, it would go well with a revolver or another smallish gun. "


Description: "what looks like a military cast off. this is heavy with some sort of internal armor. it looks like it would stop some types of attacks."


Description: "A small circular cracker with sault on it. Looks pretty good. "
Effect: reduces hunger by 2


Description: "Ah, seeing this small piece of chocolate brings back many memories. "
Effect: reduces hunger by 2


Description: "A Camouflage hat, this is in surprisingly good shape. good for sneaking around and blending into your surroundings, or just for making a fassion statement."


Description: "twist on for a tight seal"


Description: "A speared fish. At least its no longer alive and can't run away."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A peace of wood perfectly carved witha knife."


Description: "this is an old time technology. it is made out of cheap plastic and you don't know how long it will last. maybe if you had a cassette you could put it in and see how it plays. it seems to only have 1 button for playing, no volume or other controls."


Description: "Just a piece of string with some different shaped beads strung on it. very tacky and very cheap, but if you have nothing else it is an option."


Description: "this is one of those rings you use to be able to get out of a machine for a quarter. it is nothing special, just plastic with some fake jewls glued to it's band."


Description: "mmm... Saulty... crunchy... delicious! You can't remember the last time you had one of these."
Effect: reduces hunger by 3


Description: "A bag of chips from the gas station."


Description: "a glorious bit of tobaco rolled up in a thin piece of paper with a filter on the end. just looking at it makes you wanna light up and inhail the heavenly smoke. just the thought of the catch in the back of your throat as you breathe it in is almost uncontrolable...damn it, where did you put your lighter."


Description: "a pack of cigarrettes still wrapped in plastic. there is warning label on the side with a picture of some black lungs along with some surgen generals warning. but that will not stop you opening them up and enjoying a relaxing smoke."
contains 20 cigarrette


Description: "A medium sized peace of clay toarn up from the ground around a wet area."


Description: "Currency with little value, especially now"


Description: "a pair of heavy reinforced leather boots. they look like standard issue infentry footware. perfect for stompping someone or something, these will hold up through anything."


Description: "A croodly made but still functional compass. It'll help out in the wild."


Description: "this is pretty beaten up, but it still looks like a cowboy hat. what color it use to be you have no clue, but now it is just a faded sort of grey with sun spots. "


Description: "A fully formed crossbow. If you needed to, you could shoot with it. And like, shoot quite a fiew arrows at a time! It looks like theirs enough room for 5, gosh, loading all those indivisually will be so... fun? "


Description: "Fill this with something"


Description: "a delicious golden cup of beer. it is no microbrew, but out here in the wild you will take what you can get."


Description: "Phizzy soda pop, sure to boost your energy a little"
Effect: reduces thurst by 50 and increases energy by at least 100 points


Description: "Cold soup, but packed with nutrience to satisfy even the hungryest of people."
Effect: reduces hunger by 32


Description: "You could drink it"
Effect: reduces thirst by 50


Description: "a big one too. you remember reading that bears were omnavors, but from what you've seen lately they only eat meat, and human meat is their favorite. now it's dead it can be skinned and gutted for cooking, but it looks like it will take a long time to prepare for the fire."
It takes 17 uses of the knife to get skinned_bear


Description: "a rather Unfortunate critter, it was killed by a skilled hunter. its cute little fuzzy rabbit face is frozen in a wide eyed expression of shock. seems ready to be skinned and cooked."


Description: "a rather large dead shark. you could cut this up and eat it, but be careful around the mouth, those teeth look sharp as hell."
It takes 26 uses of the knife to get skinned_shark.


Description: "a large wolf, thank god it is dead, these things are fast and deadly. on closer inspection you see a brownish discoloration around its muzzle, and what looks like human hair trailing out of it's mouth. all the same, it is ready for dressing out and cooking."


Description: "This card prevents you from dying when your thirst or hunger reaches 1000, or when your health reaches 0. You will still hear the death sound when a card is activated, and you will still be kicked out, but when you log back in, you will spawn at a random location, and you will keep everything with the ecseption of stats such as energy and health; etc... A death free card can only be used once."


Description: "A skillet that has taken a beating, it is useless for cooking now, but maybe it could be salvaged for other parts."


Description: "A piece of clay formed into a circle with a huge indent in the middle. "


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A small clump of brown dirt with a few dead plant parts still in it."


Description: "these are the most disgusting pants, no, the most disgusting article of clothing you have ever seen. the smell is like nothing you have ever smelled before, you feel your stomach doing weird flippy motions just at the thought of wearing them. these are best put in a burn pile and never worn."


Description: "it is a little unraveled at the cuffs and neck, and it has a pretty pungent smell, but it is wearable. you won't be making much of a fassion statement, but it is better than being naked."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A poorly balanced boat. If you prepped it a little, you could set out to sea."


Description: "Its an allmost complete bow, the only thing it needs is to be balanced out well and the string securely tied."


Description: "A chipped, notched and bent frame. You could balance it out a little with something sharp."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A pair of glasses that once belonged to a doctor. how you know that you are not sure, but you are sure of it anyway."


Description: "A pair of thin light blue cotton scrubs. surprisingly they don't have any blood on them, how lucky for you."


Description: "A pair of what look to be berkenstocks, ugly but comfortable, made for those who are on their feet for long periods of time."


Description: "an old pair of shoes. they look pretty warn down."


Description: "some fried bear meat ready for eating."


Description: "A fried fish ready for eating."
Effect: reduces hunger by 50


Description: "This is a pot containing water mixed with the contents of a meal kit. "


Description: "an oyster pried from it's shell and rubbed clean of sand. it doesn't smell very good but should slide down fine."
Effect: reduces hunger by 85


Description: "a fried rabbit ready for eating"


Description: "some fried shark meat ready for eating."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "An empty and quite large baloon. Maybe you could blow it up?"


Description: "A wallet with no coins in it. You could probably put some in there if you wanted. "


Description: "An empty and quite small baloon. Maybe you could put water in it?"


Description: "a simple shirt with no sleeves, essentially a tank top. it is a faded flat black, but still in good shape."


Description: "These are what you would expect out of yoga pants. Extremely tight, skin tight in fact. some claim they are very comfortable, but everyone knows the real reason they are worn. if you don't have one, they will make it look like you do. they are in good shape, still stretchy and only a slightly faded black."


Description: "a simple shirt with no sleeves, essentially a tank top. it is a faded sky blue, but still in good shape."


Description: "once, a long time ago in a happier time people use to celebrate mardi gras, it was a time of drunken revery, Parades, and of course these beeds. never mind what people use to do for these. but now you can wear it and remember a happier time. the beads are dull and have lost all their shine. the string holding them together looks like it might fall apart at any minute."


Description: "well this smells just like you would expect out of an old fisherman's hat. sweatty, fishy, and like salt. it is just made out of some sort of thin cloth, and though it smells you could choose to wear it if you really wanted to."


Description: "These are what you would expect out of yoga pants. Extremely tight, skin tight in fact. some claim they are very comfortable, but everyone knows the real reason they are worn. if you don't have one, they will make it look like you do. they are in good shape, still stretchy and only a slightly faded pink."


Description: "a simple shirt with no sleeves, essentially a tank top. what color it use to be you have no clue, but now it is just a faded limp gray."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "use this only on dry ground"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A quite well working pole to catch fish. Nothing more than a wood shaft and a peace of string to connect everything, but it still works."


Description: "an unlit flair. If you lit it, people could see it from miles around! "


Description: "a piece of flint. If you hit this on something medal, you would defenatly get sparks!"


Description: "A well carved frame held together by string, made out of wooden branches. You could insert something into it."


Description: "you thought the wolf skull was big, this thing is enormous. you wonder how much bear this size would have to eat every day to stay alive. you just hope this is some long dead species you will never see in the wild."


Description: "Oh [wow], a gift wrapped in paper with a boe on it. The bow has a small notice on it. "From sam. Enjoy." Wonder what's inside... go ahead and find out! "


Description: "A shard of standard glass. Still very sharp."


Description: "Nice... and sticky!"


Description: "A small boddle with a screw on cap containing a nice sticky substance that you could use to make nearly anything stick together... Quite well! "


Description: "like the silver version, this seems to match the golden ring."


Description: "a standard ring made of gold. too bad gold is worth next to nothing anymore."


Description: ""


Description: "an unremarcable blade of grass. It could have come from anywhere."


Description: "A handful of small stones."


Description: "It has a picture of a skull, crossbone, and dead body imblazoned on it's side. There is a small stick looking thing attached to the top with another warning and the number 3 near it. It's a grenade. If you pulled the pin and threw it... God just imagine the pain and misery for the person it hits!"


Description: "bear with all its innerds and organs removed. it just needs to be butchered into meat so you can cook it."
It takes 17 uses of the knife to make raw_bear_meat


Description: " A sliced and gutted fish. The only thing that's left to do is to remove the head, internal organs and other useless things."


Description: "a dead rabbit with all it's soft bits taken out. it still has it's skin on but all the organs and innerds have been removed."


Description: "a shark without it's skin or any of it's organs or innards. it only needs to be sliced up into smaller pieces for cooking."
34 uses of the knife to get raw_shark_meat.


Description: "A wolf with skin, head and innerds removed. You still need to cut up the meat so you can cook it."
Note: takes thirteen uses of the knife to become raw wolf meat.


Description: "A crewed hammer made out of clay and a shaft. Its gone reasonably hard and could be used for smashing."


Description: "A peace of clay formed into the ruf shape of a hammerhead has hardened, enabling you to connect a shaft to it. This could be useful..."


Description: "so soft... So warm! Just looking at it makes you want to lay down on it and fall into a graceful and deep sleep, full of memories of home!"


Description: "a device used to check how sick you are. It requires a battory. "


Description: "The same as woven_string, but now double the size!"


Description: "an old thick hockey jersey. it looks like it would be warm. too bad the teams logo on the front is so sun bleached you can't read it."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A chunk of ice, wripped up from the ground."
Effect: reduces hunger by 5 if eaten and cools off the player


Description: "No description available"


Description: "a brightly colored cardboard box containing some refreshing juice. there is a foil covered hole on top that reads, puncture here. the neutrition label on the back says it contains high amounts of sugar and corn syrup."


Description: "a set of keys, normally used for locking/unlocking doors"


Description: "A small blunt knife, originally from wyatt, who gave up this prise posession in his last moments of life. It has 302 sharpness"


Description: "Its very slow, but this thing can be devestating at close range."


Description: "a large rock that seems to consist of mostly limestone."


Description: "a nice warm soft jacket. it would keep you warm no matter where you are. perfect for a colder climate."


Description: "With work, this now looks like a load of medal pieces all tied together. It looks like it would fit your body really well, and it also looks like not a lot could get threw it!"


Description: "These are what old cowboys use to wear, the backside is wide open. the good part of that is not having to pull your pants up or down to take a dump, but at the same time you are always displaying your butt to everyone within range. let's not even think what would happen if you fell down on a tree wearing these..."


Description: "A bunch of dead or dieing leaves taken from the ground."


Description: "A small rectangle with a flap on top. If you used it on a piece of wood, well not a piece but a big pile, you'd have a rorring fire in no time. "


Description: "small amounts can start fires quite easily"


Description: "Two shafts seamlessly combined into one long shaft. You could attach it to something."


Description: "A heavily tied string that is looped and tied off in a perfect knot."


Description: "A hammerhead stuck to the end of a long shaft, it is not secured very well. Maybe it needs something wrapped around where the hammerhead meets the shaft to secure it better."


Description: "You used to see them in stores all the time. The standard snack/meal with meat, cheese and crackers. Some of them even have little treats or other goodies. "
Opening it results in the message "You rip the wrapper off of the lunchable. Lets see. 11 meat, 6 cheese, and 12 crackers. Oh sweet, a butter finger!"


Description: "A small square of swis cheese from a lunchable. "
Effect: reduces hunger by 3


Description: "A small circular piece of terky or ham or some other type of meat that was processed beyond recognition, probably from a lunchable or some other type of portable snack. "
Effect: reduces hunger by 5


Description: "A clay lure. It could surve as bate to catch fish."


Description: "once, a long time ago in a happier time people use to celebrate mardi gras, it was a time of drunken revery, Parades, and of course these beeds. never mind what people use to do for these. but now you can wear it and remember a happier time. it is still in perfect shape, the beads are still shiny and bright."


Description: "some quite offly nasty crap that looks like a combanation of leaves, mud, water and... God you don't even want to think about it!"


Description: "while scemeingly a useless stick with a tiny ball at the end, if you flicked this hard into a wood pile you'd have a roaring fire in no time!"


Description: "A box of matches, this could be useful! One more way to start a fire! The box says: "contains 25 matches" as well as showing a picture of a scull and crossbones with a caption reading, "Danger!""


Description: "A small square package containing dehydrated and iradiated sustinence. Usually these taste pretty flat, but they do a good job of keeping you going. Some instructions inscribed on the side tell you that all you need to do is open the package, poor the contents into some boiling water and stir. "


Description: "A jagget peace of metal. You could build something with it."


Description: "it's small but with a pointy tip! It's also very light! Though one of these wouldn't do a lot of dammage, enough of them at once could be deadly! If you only had a way to launch them..."


Description: "Nothing more than one of those old fansy pepper mints that you used to be able to get anywhare"
Effect: reduces hunger by 5


Description: "A peace of mud, probably harvested from some watery area."


Description: "a slightly used napkin. it is cleaner than dirty. you could use this to clean up some."


Description: "whew, this thing is one of the worst smelling articles of clothing you have ever been the owner of. it was clearly made by someone who does not know a thing about tanning hides. there is still grissle on the inside of the hat, and some blood matted in the fur. if you can stand the smell you could wear it, but it is ugly as hell."


Description: "these are disgusting and filthy. you can't remember if you stole them from a homeless person or if they were partially digested by bear. either way they are grose and you should find something better as soon as possible."


Description: "just disgusting, these are still stiff from the rabit the skin was taken from. they are roughly sewn together with thick strips of rawhide. you didn't know there were balding rabbits, but the one these gloves were made of was clearly losing hair, there are thin spots without fur. they are wearable, for those who really have nothing else to put on their hands."


Description: "a crude hand made net. it seems to be nothing more than a frame with allot of tied and knotted strings stretched inside it. all the same, looks like it could catch multiple fish at once."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "some sort of small nut from a tree or bush. you aren't sure what type it is, but are almost sure it is safe to eat."
Effect: reduces hunger by 4


Description: "an old pair of black jeans. they are clearly cut for a woman, but that doesn't mean a man couldn't squeeze his dangly bits inside if they will zip up. they are made out of a stretchy elastic jean material, and only slightly faded from time. if anyone asks they are faded intentionally, there is no reason they can't still be fassionable."


Description: "these have seen better days, but they are still in one piece, mostly. they are pretty heavy duty but not too much so. they would work as some footwear if you don't have anything else to wear."


Description: "this is ready for drinking or pouring into a cup. it seems to be made out of pretty heavy glass. maybe it would be good for throwing at someone too."


Description: "Now that the boddle of glue is open, it reveals a small nozil looking thing. If you squeazed the boddle, you could probably get a little dab to come out of the boddle!"


Description: "It's open... Take a drink!"
Using one of these with a hammer makes 1 metal


Description: "It's a water bottle with the cap removed, time to start drinking!"


Description: "a small oyster. it seems to be closed tight, you know if you could find a way to pry it open, you could eat the soft muscle inside the shell."
It takes 1 use of the knife to get oyster_shell and shelled_oyster


Description: "just an empty shell, it use to contain a delicious oyster. the inside of it is shiny and pretty, maybe one day you could make something out of it."


Description: "a simple necklace made of oyster shells connected by a string."


Description: "a package containing some batteries. I am sure you could find a use for these."
Contains 15 battery


Description: "great for starting an instant fire!!; use with caution!"
Contains 10 firestarter


Description: "open with care, contains explosive materials"


Description: "a small box of individually wrapped rectangle shaped bars with a label reading: "Consume for a boost!""
Contains 12 protein_bar


Description: "A package containing the bare necessities for survival, and curing woonds when in dire sircumstances."
Opening it results in the message "You grab the package, and with some effort manage to get it open. Ah, what nice stuff! A knife, spits to spear food on and cook it hands free, a small number of little devices used to start fires with very little effert, a full water bottle, some bandaids to cover wounds, and one package of lunchable things."
Contains the following:

This item spawns in the campground.


Description: "open with care: contains standard issued revolver and ammunition!!"


Description: "can be used for many things, e.g cutting, and or finding your way with the sun"
Contains the following:


Description: "comunicate with the world around you: "only short range reception""
Contains 1 radio


Description: "a thick pair of gloves. they look like they would keep your hands warm in a cold climate."


Description: "A plank with a shaft connecting to it. It could be used as a paddle for a small boat."


Description: "As far as Camouflage goes they don't serve much of a purpose, but they are pretty cool. a way to show your love for the mossy green."


Description: "These look like they would have cost a pretty penny in better times. They are so comfortable and well designed that you could almost forget they were there while wearing them, and the sun couldn't hurt your eyes a bit. "


Description: "they are pretty cheap, but nifty all the same. the frames are in the shape of a heart, they aren't perfectly comfortable, but who ever said fassion was suppose to be."


Description: "a dark pair of glasses. they are cheaply made. both the lenses and frames are made of plastic."


Description: "the glasses that signified someone was a nerd in every tv show and movie you ever saw. they have clear glass lenses, with thick shiny black frames around them. they are sturdy, but that is all you could say for them, some might even say they would work as good birth control."


Description: "A worn down faded pajama shirt. it is completely normal and there is nothing special about it. maybe once it was nice but now it is worn out and just bland."


Description: "A simple set of very thin pajama shorts. "


Description: "Its blank with nothing on it, just stuff you had in your bag a while. "


Description: "A square sheet of paper with the text "the holder of this coupon claims 30 stw points", in neat writing, on it."


Description: "This is just a small simple fan made out of paper. You could cool yourself down a little waving this thing."


Description: "a shiny necklace made of dozens of little pearls. it glimmers in the sunlight."


Description: "use it to write with"


Description: "a piece of a pine tree. it smells like christmas. maybe one day you will find a use for it."


Description: "A pair of pink open foot heels. they have delicate strapps that go around your foot and ankel, with a tall slender 4 inch heel at the back. they are very impractical,, but cute."


Description: "these are stretchy and look small, but you know they will stretch to fit, they are super tight and won't leave much to the imagination of anyone checking you out."


Description: "a flat square piece of wood in the shape of a plank. it is made up of 2 carved wood. it seems fairly sturdy, even though you can't see how it is held together."


Description: "a heavy duty helmet. you remember seeing swat teams on TV wearing something similar."


Description: "just the liquid you get from a popcan. hopefully this is contained in something or you might have a sticky mess."


Description: "Open for Phizzy soda pop: can cause extreme belching"
Contains 25 pop


Description: "a croodly formed clay pot. It could store a small amount of water quite well."
Note: each pot stores 10 water.


Description: "This small clay pot is filled with very hot water. "


Description: "Some oyster shells that have been crushed into a fine powder."


Description: "Not Super tasty, but its healthy energy and takes the edge off of your hunger if you eat it"
Effect: reduces hunger by 45


Description: "A nice silky pastel purple pajama shirt. it feels like liquid when you run it through your fingers. something very comfortable to sleep in, and for just wearing around when you wanna sacrifice fassion for comfort, but really, who cares out here in the wild."


Description: "the skin of a rabbit, you must have gotten this from cleaning rabbits. it is soft and seems like it would be absorbant."


Description: "why anyone would want a necklace made out of the teeth of one of these poor cute rodents you don't know. all you can think of is someone ripping out their tteeth one at a time, hopefully after they are dead. each tooth has a little hole drilled through it, and strung on a thin piece of twine."


Description: "A small radio. It has a power switch in the middle, and channel monipulaters on the left and right. A green light near the power switch and a lit screen indicates that it is turned on, and gazing at the small screen, you see that it is on channel 1"
Note: channel and power status may vary.


Description: "some bear meat ready for the fire and cooking."


Description: " A perfectly prepared and gutted fish, ready for frying."


Description: "a skinned and gutted rabbit. it is ready for cooking."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A pare of nice silky pastel red pajama pants. they feel like liquid when you run them through your fingers. something very comfortable to sleep in, and for just wearing around when you wanna sacrifice fassion for comfort, but really, who cares out here in the wild."


Description: "The type of synthetic vest construction workers and crossing guards wear. these things would survive through anything, and this one proves it. you can't see many signs of wear, all the seams are still tight, and all the reflective patches are still intact. why you would want to wear it who knows, but it is something unique and interesting to change up your fassion."


Description: "A working small callibor revolver. The only thing you'd need right now are bullets."


Description: "A pair of latex doctor's gloves ripped up past the boint of being able to wear them."


Description: "a quite nasty bit of clothing. this is made up more of holes than cloth. it is embarrassing to be seen wearing it. you should find something else as soon as possible."


Description: "A small slingshot looking thing, it could shoot rocks quite a distance, with a lot of speed. "


Description: "some small yet sharp rocks that could have come from anywhare. "


Description: "A pair of uncomfortable rubber boots. they are not fassionable, and they are not good for just walking around in."


Description: "This is sand. Nothing more to say really."


Description: "A short shaft. There are a few notches and dents here and there but otherwise it looks fine."


Description: "the skin of a pretty big shark. maybe you will find a use for this one day. it looks like it could be useful for something."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A bunch of medal strapped together in such a way that when a person wears this... it covers nearly there hole body in medal and provides a great shield! The only visible issue is... the string is really, really week and there are a couple spots the medal just doesn't cover!"


Description: ""


Description: "hmmm... If you had a shotgun, this might be very useful. It's quite large, if that exploded and hit someone... Oh god!"


Description: "not much to say, some crudely pounded out metal in the shape of a spade with a handle. it looks useful for digging somewhere."


Description: "A largish fryingpan, it could fit many fish and cook many all at once! Quite useful!"


Description: "An ordinary skillet filled with ordinary oyster shells."
Contains 10 oyster shells
It takes 34 uses of the hammer to get skillet_filled_with_crushed_oyster_shells


Description: "An ordinary skillet filled with some oyster shells that have been crushed."
It takes 34 uses of the hammer to get skillet_filled_with_powdered_oyster_shells


Description: "A skillet that looks a little rough. It is filled up with a fine powder that looks like oyster shells."
Use this with an empty hand to get destroyed_medal_skillet and powdered_oyster_shells


Description: "A large skillet with raw bear meat inside, they just need to be cooked! "
Contains 10 raw_bear_meat


Description: "Ooh, yum yum! It's a skillet with cooked and prepared bear meat! Why wait!"
Contains 10 etible_bear_meat


Description: "Ooh, yum yum! It's a skillet with cooked and prepared fish! Why wait!"
Contains 10 etible_fish


Description: "No description available"
Contains 10 etible_rabit


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A large skillet with raw fish inside, they just need to be cooked! "


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "a dead bear without it's skin. it needs some more work before you can cook it."
It takes 17 uses of the knife to get gutted_bear


Description: "a dead shark without it's skin. it is almost ready for cooking."
It takes 34 uses of the knife to get gutted_shark.


Description: "A dead wolf that has no more skin. It still has its guts, so you better remove those before you think about cooking it."
It takes 13 uses of the knife to get gutted_wolf


Description: "A large pill with the word "sleep" imprinted on it's smooth flat surface"


Description: "a ring made out of an unknown metal. it's small, and looks like it would fit on your smallest finger."


Description: "Who ever owned these before you should of seen a foot doctor. the smell coming off these makes your eyes water. if you had to describe it, you would say it is a mixture of 5 month old unwashed feet, liquid cow poop, and what oddly smells like whiskey laced vomit. even with them on your feet you fear the smell would make you gag. if you can handle the stench you could always put them on."


Description: "A handful of snow, probably from the mountain top."


Description: "a bit of snow formed into a sphere, ready for throwing at someone."


Description: "Just some clay in the shape of a hammerhead, it needs to be hardened somehow."


Description: "a nice pare of stretchy cloth pantswith an elastic waistband. they look comfortable."


Description: "A clump of brown earth. Who knows how many microbes and bacteria are cralling around in it."


Description: "A sharp stone connected to a shaft. Its primitiv, but that doesn't mean it can't kill people!"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A lovely cooked fish with a spit stuck securly threw it. Why not take it off and eat it!"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "a fish with a spit stuck securely threw it. You should put it right next to a fire and let the fish fry!"


Description: "a raw rabbit that has been stuck on a spit. it is ready for cooking."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "No description available"


Description: "Nothing much more than a really long stick. But, you could jab a fish on the end, and leave it unatended as a fish or anything else cooks!"


Description: "An abused smoking jacket, it seems to have brandy stains down it's front from the previous owner getting a little too intoxicated to remember where his mouth was. it smells like spicy cigar smoke, not completely unpleasant. if you can ignore the stains it is very wearable and in good shape."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A shaft with glue smeared all over, ideal for atatching something to it to start constructing."


Description: "A generic peace of stone taken from the ground. It can be easally molded or formed by a knife, though."


Description: "Any water that is stored in a water boddle. "


Description: "A long stretch of grass lengthened and pulled into a quite strong string."


Description: "a nifty little hat. it is made of a complex weave pattern you cannot understand no matter how much you inspect it. it's light and looks cool."


Description: "Two planks put together to make a thicker more durrable plank."


Description: "you get these from doing quests. they can be used to buy useful items, and they make a pretty noise."
For a list of items you can purchase, please see the STW Purchase List.


Description: "A large pack containing many necessities for surviving: open with care"
Opening it causes the message "You dig your fingers into the soft cardboard, grab the tape, and rip! Then you with some effert, mannage to rip the flaps on the card board box open... Ah, what nice stuff! A knife and a watch, a radio for comunication, string for many purpases, cups for liquid storage, rods or spits to spear food on and cook it hands free, a small number of little devices used to start fires with very little effert, a couple packages of universal batteries for anything that needs power, a small revolver with a few bullets, a full water bottle, some towels to keep dry, flairs and matches for signaling and fire starting, a total of 3 small pills for instant sleep, some bandaids to cover wounds, some glue to build things, A digital thermometer to look at the temprature, some simple protein bars for quick eating, and last but not least, several dehydrated meal kits you can prepare for not the best tasting but very nourishing food. "
Contains the following:


Description: "it looks crude but it has a clear pointy end and a handle end. you should only hold it by the wooden handel. you could do some serious damage swinging this around."


Description: "a shirt that is at the end of it's life. it looks like it might fall apart at any moment. there are bits hanging off in ribbens."


Description: "A small rectangular device with a small screen and markings on the side. "


Description: "an unremarckable normal shirt. it is so thin you can see light through it."


Description: "A very thin shirt that just covers your back and chest. "


Description: " A branch ripped from a tree. A peace of string is tied to one end."


Description: "This has some string tied threw this bent looking medal. "


Description: "Now there are a couple of these pieces of tied medal all stuck together... Hmmm... "


Description: "a long string tied in many places, making it have wierd bows and shapes going threw it. If you worked on this you could really make something intresting out of it, a blanket? A towel? A bib? A napkin? It already looks pretty flat. "


Description: "These look like someone took a pair of rather dirty pants and forcefully ripped or hacked off the lower legs. Guess they work though. "


Description: "nothing more than your standard bathtowel, also known as... A piece of cloth to dry off with. "


Description: "there are 4 different ways to spell it but they are all the same thing. a universally useful cold weather hat made of stretchy cotton. they last forever and will keep your head warm through all conditions."


Description: "a generic uni color umbrella. it doesn't have a handle, instead it seems to strap onto your head with a string you pull to open it. it's made out of some sort of synthetic cloth."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "this is a leaf you found on a cannopy. now you completed the quest, all you can do is admire it's pretty colors and enormous size."


Description: "the cassette of a long dead leader of his people. this is 1 of 5, if you had a cassette player and all 5 cassettes you might learn something and be rewarded for it."


Description: ""


Description: "the cassette of a long dead leader of his people. this is 3 of 5, if you had a cassette player and all 5 cassettes you might learn something and be rewarded for it."


Description: ""


Description: ""


Description: "Our forest is one of beauty and plenty, full of fruit, birds, and the wolves we live with. The great wolf valley runs from east to west with a deep river nested inside it. The jewel of our forest is hidden deep in a crater on the north side of the valley. The climb down is treacherous, but the beauty and peaceful lake at it's bottom is worth the descent. North West of the valley is a Spring with fresh clean water blessed by the gods. North is also where the one remaining tree house of my people still stands high atop the land supported by 4 of the largest trees in the forest. And though we have not had the ability to fix it, there is a bridge that crosses the valley just east of the center of our forest, but it is in terrible need of repair and too dangerous to cross safely. "


Description: "a warm coat made from the skins of dead wolves. it is well made and well warn, even if a little bit water logged. it doesnt fit quite right, it seems to have been made to fit one person, and one person only, but you can still zip it up all the way."


Description: "A wallet, filled with coins. "


Description: "A watch, from wyatt, with a couple of buttons on it and 2 blinking hands in the middle."


Description: "Fresh or sault water collected and stored ready for drinking."


Description: "A balloon full with water and tied at the end. Wouldn't it be fun to splash someone?"


Description: "an unopened pack of water balloons."
Contains 50 empty_water_balloon


Description: "This could hold more water than any hand made pots out in the wilderness."
Contains 50 stored_water


Description: "these have thin rubber bottoms, and the top is all an elastic mesh. a good choice for when you are wading in water and you don't want the bottoms of your feet all cut up."


Description: "A reasonably large pile of weed harvested from the weed pile."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "a small whistle on a chain. you have heard wolves don't like the sound of it and will attack whoever blows it."


Description: "A semicasual button up shirt. it is in okay shape, as long as you don't mind the discolored yellow arm pit stains, and the slight smell of body odor."


Description: "A pair of bright white gently used generic running shoes with white laces. they have mesh on their sides and tops so your feet don't get too hot. they have a decently thick sole with good grip. a good choice if you have a long way to go and no way to get there but on your own 2 feet."


Description: "the corpse of one of the lost wolf people. finding this may unlock something."


Description: "The skin of wolf, obtained after you skinned a dead wolf. "


Description: "A hand made headband. it is made out of the soft fur of wolf. whoever made this took time to do it right. the inner skinn is tanned and soft, the fur on the outside is well taken care of and shows the entire gray color spectrem of a timber wolf."


Description: "A large peace of wood, probably collected from the remains of a tree. Its carvable."


Description: "No description available"


Description: "A wooden triangle formed by tieing some branches to each other."


Description: "a pair of well used old heels. they look like at one point they use to be fassionable, but now they are faded and the once delicate strapps are dry and cracked. there is no telling how long they will last out in the rugged parts of the wild,, but if you are feeling lucky you can wear them."


Description: "A pair of faded brown hiking boots. the left one is missing it's laces, but maybe it would still stay on your foot. they look like they were soaked in a stream for a year then dried out. you think they might be wearable, but you are not sure."


Description: "old, faded, and about to fall apart. nevertheless they are still gloves, and better than a naked hand."


Description: "maybe you should unwrap it before eating!"

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