'microbot crafting tool blueprints'

microbot crafting tool blueprints

[Category: component]

limited rate response chip

A small electrical chip which, when activated, pulses out electricity at a set interval. A vital component in many electronics projects, as it regulates their activation.
Quality: 0
Requirements for limited rate response chip:

Total complexity for this project: 17.0

micro-bot frame

A simple miniature metal frame used for most micro-bots's outer shells.
Quality: 0
Requirements for micro-bot frame:

Total complexity for this project: 5.0

[Category: robot]

medical dog

The initial versions of these search & rescue bots were built without heads, but the appearance often freaked people out. Instead it projects a rotating green MEDIC band around its metallic abdomen.
Health: [||||||||||||||||||||]* [20/20]*
Dice: aggression: [|| ] [1/5]* clarity: [|| ]
[1/5]* stamina: [|| ] [1/5]*
Control pad type: robot control hand-pad
Fuel/Power: [||||||||||] [25/25]* 25 / 25
Module Capacity: 0 used of 100 maximum.
Requirements for medical dog:

Total complexity for this project: 40.0

[Category: product]

limited sector adbot

Durability: [||||||||||] [10/10]
Requirements for limited sector adbot:

Total complexity for this project: 30.0

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