'In-game Preferences' Wayfar 1444 Preferences listing
The following list shows all the preferences within the Wayfar game.
To toggle a preference, type "@prefs <preference name> is <on/off>" where <preference name> is the name of the preference in question.

  1. ansi off use ansi color
  2. ansihack off turn off some ansi codes -- see help
  3. autoadd on automatically add highest quality items when crafting
  4. autostart on automatically begin crafting without having to use 'sta
  5. bigmap off display a 21x21 wilderness map (default is 7x7)
  6. blindcockpits off Makes cockpit displays less spammy.
  7. boldnames off show object names as bold in descriptions
  8. checkpoint off notify you about server checkpoints
  9. destroyedmail on send mail upon destruction of a property
  10. examlook off show desc when examining things
  11. followleader on automatically follow party leader
  12. friendonline on alert you when your friends connect
  13. hidejobs on hide complete jobs from the jobs listing
  14. hints off show hints every so often
  15. itemsuffixes on show special item suffixes
  16. json off enable JSON data output
  17. longexits off list exits one per line
  18. longrooms off show individual display strings for objects that have t
  19. lookpad off print a blank line before a description
  20. looktitle on print an object's title before its description
  21. meterboth on show meters AND numbers (overrides meters)
  22. meters off use graphical meters
  23. msp on enable MSP sounds with certain clients
  24. mxp off enable MXP
  25. nomaprun off hide map with terserun on
  26. notacmeters off force numbers on tac (overrides EVERYTHING)
  27. oldmail off Use the old, boring mail system.
  28. opendoors on open closed doors automatically as you walk
  29. plaincomments off Show mail comments in default-color text.
  30. shortdirs on use single-letter exit directions in exit list
  31. shortskills off don't list low skills in sc display
  32. showdesc off show room descriptions
  33. showexits on show exits in room descriptions
  34. showmap off add map to room descriptions
  35. showroomcmd on notify on entry if room has commands
  36. singlecolumn on single-column inventory lists
  37. terserun on hide desc when running
  38. unlockdoors on unlock locked doors automatically if you have the key
  39. usecontainers on when picking up items, put items in available container
  40. wears on enable wearing messages
  41. weights on show weights of objects
  42. whodoing on dynamically show what you are doing on the who list

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