Hello and welcome to my Miriani strategy guide.
On Friday, February 1, 2013, I stopped playing Miriani because of the drama (ship theft, stunning, stranding, Etc.).
I will, however, keep this guide up both as a memory of days gone by as well as a reference for those who still play the game.
I have organized the sections of this guide into headings. If you use a screen reader, you can use the letter "h" to move forward through the list of headings and "shift h" to move backward. This guide aims to be a one-stop place for helpful information both to blind and sighted visitors.

What is Miriani?

Miriani is a space-based MOO that was coded after Star Conquest was shut down. For those of you who don't know, a MOO stands for MUD Object Oriented. You can view the official game site here.
For further information, please visit the other sections of this guide.

Main Menu

  1. Frequently asked questions by, for and from Miriani players
  2. The in-game defense handbook
  3. A list of every starship in the game and all upgrade costs
  4. Complete list of every sector and the celestual objects they contain
  5. Complete In Comms and Out of Comms Artifacts Lists
  6. Debris Guide
  7. Help Topics Not Covered By Toastsoft
  8. The Miscellaneous Hints Page
  9. A rundown of the different Praelor ships
  10. Repair and Rearm Information
  11. Miscellaneous Starship Add-ons
  12. Different Starship upgrades that can be purchased
  13. A list of some abbreviations and terminology you might come across in the game
  14. A list of ideas I can only hope the hosts implement in the near future
  15. visit my contact page.

This is the end of the guide. I hope you found it helpful.
If you are done here, feel free to return to my main page.