Death on the road! Version 3.0


You are a blind 10 year-old kid, and your mobility teacher is always pestering you with the whole "you need to learn to use a cane" deal. So you finally decide to take matters into your own hands, and take your cane outside to give it a real road test... Your goal in this game is to stay alive in the busy streets of your city for as long as possible by crossing the road over and over and over so that your score does not go down. You need to time your crosses, because there are cars trying to mow you down, and when that happens... Splat!

+How to play

Extract the zip file, run the game and wait for the main menu to come up. The game will automatically check for updates and play any message of the day if available. From the main menu you can start the game, learn the sounds that the game uses, or visit the shop.

++The game

You are on a street with cars running on the road ahead from left to right. You start at the bottom curb. To cross to the other side, you must hold the up arrow key until you hear a cligning sound (you can hear it in the learn sounds option) which indicates that you are through to the other side. Then, you need to cross to the other side by pressing down arrow. This process continues unless there are casualties. When you are on the road, so to say, not in a curb, you may get hit by a car. If a car is on the road and you are not in one of the curbs, you will lose 20 health. Cars have different speeds, so be careful!

++The bonus items

This game has bonus items. you might hear a bonus item in one of the positions at the curb (indicated by a sound played at the same pitch as the curb step). You have to run to that spot and get the bonus item before it goes away. There are many different bonus items, which are:

  1. Shield: If a car hits you, you will not lose any health.
  2. Drunken crawl: Makes you move slower for a short time. This is bad because then cars have a much higher chance of mowing you down.
  3. Extra points: self explanatory
  4. Health bonus: gives you 30 health
  5. Bomb time bonus: gives you 1 second of bonus time for the bombs (see below).
  6. Walking speed bonus: makes you run a bit faster.
  7. Roadcoins: gives you 100 roadcoins for the shop (see below).
  8. Thief: steals roadcoins (see below).
  9. Huge roadcoin bonus: gives you between 250 and 500 roadcoins.
  10. Ammo: gives you 10 ammo for the gun (see below)
  11. Haste: makes you run much faster for a limited time.

++shooting cars

If you have ammo and want to have some fun and rack up some points, you can shoot cars when they are at the center of the road and you are on the curb. To do this, press the control key. If you have ammo left, you will hear a special sound depending on the car you shot. Some of them are quite interesting!

++the bombs

One of the bonus items just comes up with a bomb that you have to disable in a very limited time so that you don't lose health. If you disable a bomb, you get lots of points and cash, + the satisfaction of having disabled a bomb. Woo hoo! But how do you disable a bomb? it's easy. You will have a series of numbers which you can listen to by pressing the left and right arrow keys. You need to put them in ascending order. To do this, you first grab a number with the control key, move to the number that you want to change it for, and press control again. The old number will be in the new place, and the number that was in that place will be where the old number was. Easy? Well, not quite. For example if you have the numbers 1 2 4 3 5, you need to grab number 4, move to the right and press control. You will then have 1 2 3 4 5 and a disabled bomb. Wee!

There are many secrets to discover in this game, so just keep playing!

++Sending your score

When the game is over, you will be presented with the possibility to send your score to If you don't want to send it at this time, just press escape and you will go back to the main menu.

+The roadcoins shop

In the main menu you will find the roadcoins shop. Here, you can exchange roadcoins that you obtain during your game for cool bonuses. I'm not going to spoil them here since most of them are self explanatory, except for one of them: the lucky cross The lucky cross chance does not happen very often. Have you ever crossed the road and heard a different crossing sound that sounds like a bell? Well, this was a lucky cross. In a lucky cross you get many more points and you also get some cash. If you are rich enough to afford increasing your lucky cross chance, you will find that in the end, you end up getting more lucky crosses than nonlucky ones.

+key reference

+ Conclusion

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