Quick tap! 2.0. New bgt game Make sure to extract the archive before playing!

+What is quick tap?

This game is pretty simple. The game came from an idea on the iphone called quick tap. It's a game where you hear a timer, and when the timer sound changes to a beeping you have to tap a button on the screen. But this game has lots of differences. Read on!

+How to play?

When you start the game, you'll be in the main menu. In this menu, you'll have different options. Start game, speed round, learn game sounds and quit.

++The normal mode

The normal game has 4 difficulty levels. The first level is very simple. When you start, you'll hear a ticking timer. After a random time, from 2 to 8 seconds you'll hear a beeping noise corresponding to the enter key. When you hear that sound, hit the enter key as fast as you can to get the lowest time possible. Immediately after that you'll hear the timer again, to go for 5 more rounds. When you've gone through 5 rounds, your average will be calculated. If you hit the enter key before the beeping has started, you'll get penalized for some time, meaning that you won't be able to hit any keys for about 2 seconds even if the beeping has started playing, so be careful! At the end of the game you will hear a music and a comment depending on how well you've done. The catch of the higher difficulty levels is its number of keys. Medium has 2 keys(enter and space) hard 3, with tab, and superhard 4 with f5. So you better learn the sounds right, if you want to get a good score! On the results screen you'll be able to send your score to oriolgomez.com, so if you've done a very good game you can share your score with friends!

++Speed round

This mode is really fun. You always have 4 keys, and there's no timer. Well, there is a timer, but not the way you're used to. You start with 2 seconds of time or so, and every key you press(right or wrong) will decrease the time you have to press the next key. Imagine you have 2 seconds of time. You hear the space key sound, and you press enter. So you'll have 1994 milliseconds. When you reach half the time allowed, the pitch of the sound will decrease, so you know you better be quick to press that key before the time runs out! Warning! Wrong presses make you lose time too! The point of the speed round is to get the highest keys possible with the lowest percentage of misses. When you've finished the speed round you'll be presented with your stats and the possibility to send your score.

+Sending your score

When you finish a game, you are asked to input your name so your score can be sent to oriolgomez.com. If you don't want to send your score, just hit escape. When your score is sent, it can be viewed at http://oriolgomez.com/.

+Credits, acknowledgements, contact info, etc etc

This game is possible thanks to bgt from Blastbay Studios at www.blastbay.com. If you're looking for a nice and easy to use scripting language especially designed for audio game creation and with good tutorials and features bgt is right for you. Also to www.soundsnap.com for some of the sounds used. If you want to be notified of new games and updates, feel free to add me on skype: oriolgs58 My facebook address is http://facebook.com/ogomez92 Now, enjoy the game!