Version 3.0

  1. The game now checks for updates on starting.
  2. You now get a message of the day when you run the game if there are news
  3. You can now send scores to!

Version 2.8

  1. Fixed neutralizer bug

Changes in 2.7

  1. Fixed a problem with music and health bonuses
  2. added number voice 87 in spanish which wasn't there for some reason.

Changes in 2.6

  1. Fixed a major bug with levelling
  2. Added a scoring section in the readme check it out!
  3. Added a difficulty level for cowards or those who find it hard to mash buttons wink
  4. The original difficulty is now called hardcore and gives you 5000 points when you finish the game, + more points per enemy landed.

Changes in 2.5

  1. Since we no longer require a speech library.. the game now loads much much faster! Try it!
  2. I forgot to install the jaws keyhook. fixed
  3. We no longer require a screen reader to play this game! I made voice files for everything in the game using my own voice

Changes in 2.0

  1. Game fully translated into Spanish!
  2. Added a few more death quotes, so both Spanish and English have the same number of death quotes. We now have 36 death quotes!
  3. Added multilanguage support. I'm very proud of my language support, because only voice files from the appropriate language are added to the sounds.pack file. And the sounds.pack file is only generated when the game is run from debug or source code modes.

Changes in 1.2

  1. Added teleport bonus! press space to use it. also mentioned in the readme
  2. Definitely fixed bug with teleport where it would teleport you to a position right from the right boundary.
  3. Greatly increased startup time, the sounds won't be preloaded now before they are used. If this slows down the game on your system, please let me know, but it shouldn't.
  4. If you died while jumping, the jumping variable would not reset if you started a new game, so you would start the game in midair! fixed
  5. The spawning timer was being started before the starting sound played... so an enemy popped right after. This has been fixed
  6. I fixed a bug where, if you had shields and you avoided an enemy, it didn't play the landing sound.
  7. There is now the possibility that the health bonus will give you a further 10 or 20 health.
  8. Tweaked moving speeds a bit

Changes in version 1.1

  1. Fixed a readme inconsistancy, where I said that you are positioned at a 30 sized grid but its now 50.
  2. You can now skip the death jingle and quote by pressing enter
  3. music files are now normalized, so there shouldn't be inconsistant volume changes.
  4. made enemies a little slower let's see if this is better
  5. Made the grid a lot bigger... and now it seems to be a lot nicer, since you're not so likely to hit the barriers.
  6. Changing grid size caused some problems with death sounds and teleports, which have been fixed.
  7. we now have a sound when starting the game! You can skip it by pressing enter
  8. The game is now a lot more fun, with the bigger grid and everything.
  9. Bonus items are now a little more frequent
  10. You now hear a ticking sound every second if you stand at the corners too long.
  11. The pain sound no longer moves... I don't know why it did. I suck
  12. mentioned music changing volume in the readme.