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+Introduction and disclaimer


Welcome to run for your life, a new game by Oriol Gómez! In this game, you have to dodge falling objects, avoid stepping in smoke hazards, collect bonus items and stay alive for as long as you can in order to obtain the best possible score.


Note: This game is a bit similar to avoid the beeps, a game included in Sammy Center. Most of the game content is of my own creation, and the only similar thing is that both games are about falling objects, but even the game mechanics are different. I have obtained permission from the original author to develop a similar game and I have not obtained, nor based my game on any source code or sounds coming from the original game.


The game can be run without installation. Simply extract the zip file and run the file called game.exe. If everything worked, wait a few seconds and you should hear the introduction. Then, the main menu will appear.

+How to play

++running the game

When you run the game, it will automatically check for updates and for a new message of the day. If a new message of the day is found, it will be automatically played If an update for the game is found, it will be downloaded to a zip file which you can then extract to a folder and run it. If you press escape when you are asked to press enter to download, you will be able to play the version that you have.

++main concept

When you press enter on play, you will be presented with a difficulty menu with two options: Hardcore and for dummies. The hardcore option is the original, and very hard difficulty level that has been since the first version (it's the one I play!). For dummies is a level for those starting out or those who are bad with hitting the arrows very fast. It gives you less points, but it becomes harder with levels, which makes it a good choice for beginners. Before the game starts, you will hear a get ready sound which you can skip by pressing enter. When the game starts, you are positioned at the center of a 50 sized grid. Objects will begin falling down from the sky from nearby. Immediately, they will start chasing you to the best of their abilities. If you move away from them, they will just fall down on the ground and disappear. However, if they manage to chase you and you don't move away from under them in time, they will fall on you and you will lose 10 health. Your health starts at 100, and when it reaches 0, you are history! To move, you will normally want to use the up arrow to jump and press either the left or right arrow key in quick succession to move fast. Otherwise, you can run. To run, you have to hold the left or right arrow key. If you run for a very long time without stopping, you will trip and you will be unable to move for a couple of seconds. Make sure this doesn't happen, as enemies will still hit you!

++ smoke bombs

Every now and then, a smoke bomb will fall from the sky. These will not chase you, however they will leave burning craters on the ground when they land. Don't let these bombs land on you, for if you do, you will be burned to death! If you walk or land on one of these burning craters before it vanishes, your health will decrease until you walk away from it or the flame dies.

++about the edges of the screen

On the left edge of the field there is an electric sound, while to the right you can hear a kind of magnetic, metallic sound. If you aren't careful and walk or land into either of these, it will result in your immediate death. However, if you have a shield which you can obtain via the bonus items (explained later), the shield will vanish instead of you and you will bounce off into the middle of the screen again, which is also your starting position. You will also be unable to move for a couple of seconds.

++Safe at the corners? Not quite

If you were thinking of staying at the left or right corner and waiting for bonus items to appear while dodging the few enemies that would come that way, think again! If you stay in a corner for more than 3 seconds, you will hear a warning. If you don't get out in one second, you will be forced to teleport somewhere around the middle of the field... and you will be stunned for a short time before you can get up again. Since enemies spawn randomly, well... You can imagine where most of them have easy access to!

++the concept of levels

Every 10 landed enemies, the difficulty of the game will increase slightly. Enemies will move faster and smoke bombs will stay longer. You can get shield bonuses, which will protect you from smoke bomb damage. However, every shield bonus you get can only be used once. To hear what you have, press the associated key for each bonus, which will be explained below.

++Bonus items

Bonus items will appear on the field. in order to grab one, you must pass over it while jumping. Note that they can appear above the barriers, so be really careful! The types of bonuses you can get are:

Health bonus: Gives you between 10 and 25 health. There is a 10% chance that the item gives you a further 10 to 20 health, which will be indicated by a sound.

Score bonus: Gives you 500 to 1000 points

Shield: Every bonus shield item gives you 3 shields. Shields are used in the following circumstances:

  1. A shield is used if you step into one of the edges. Instead of killing you, a shield will be destroyed and you will be teleported.
  2. A shield is used if an enemy lands on you. This is the most common use of shields.
  3. If a smoke bomb lands on you, or you step into a flame.

Teleport: When used by pressing space, this will teleport you to a random location, except the edges. Use this with caution, as this will teleport you to any location in the game, even the one you are currently in, or under a falling smoke bomb!

Haste: This gives you a temporary burst of speed while walking. This is even better than most people's jumping speed, so do not underestimate it!

Note that you won't trip while hasted, so use this to your own advantage, but be careful! While you will be able to avoid most enemies, the edges will still kill you if you don't have shields on you.


If your energy reaches 0, you walk into one of the edges, or a smoke bomb lands on you, you will die. when this happens, the spirit king will come to take you with him. No. you will hear an ear-curdling scream (your last, of course)! Then, you will hear a music jingle and a death quote. You can skip the music jingle by pressing enter.


The scoring works as follows Every landed enemy gives you 10 points per 1 distance step between you and your enemy when it landed, multiplied by 10 if you are playing hardcore, 5 if you are playing for dummies, + the level you are in multiplied by 5. You can listen to how well you did by paying attention to the bell-like sounds that you hear whenever an enemy lands. The higher in pitch, the more points you got. Every extra points bonus object gives you 500 points When you finish the game, you get 1000 points multiplied by the level you were in when you finished, +5000 points if you are playing hardcore difficulty.

+Sending your score

If you played a good game, you can choose to send your score to by using the option in the main menu. This option will not appear if you haven't played since you started the game, or if you have already sent your score. To send your score, enter your name and press enter. You will hear a music jingle that changes depending on your position, and then your position on the top will be announced.

+keyboard reference

While playing, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Left/right arrows: hold them to run. While jumping, pressing them quickly will allow you to move faster if you have nimble fingers.
  2. Up arrow: jump
  3. Enter: Use neutralizer
  4. H: check your health
  5. S: check your score
  6. E: check how many shields you have
  7. N: Check how many neutralizers you have
  8. T: check how many teleporters you have
  9. Space: Use teleporter
  10. Page up and page down: Turn the background music volume up or down
  11. Escape: quit the game
  12. Enter: skip the logo and other audio scenes.


I hope you enjoy the game! I am currently in the process of opening a website for my projects. It is not yet ready, but you can follow my progress by one of these means: Follow me on twitter at @oriol_gomez92 and feel free to make suggestions, report bugs or simply say hi! You can also reach me on facebook at Or on skype: oriolgs58 You can find my blog, about my 10 months in Germany as an exchange student at Enjoy the game!